Filling Lexmark Cartridges

  Goldcroft 12:46 17 Feb 2003

I have a Lexmark Z55 and have just replaced the black cartridge with a Lexmark cartridge at considerable expense. No one seems to market a cheap cloned cartridge.

Looking at the cartridge there would seem to be no orifice through which I could refill it. Has anyone got any ideas please? Are all cartridges similar in this respect?

  Cordy13 13:03 17 Feb 2003

Cartridge World can refill Lexmark cartridges at approx. half the cost of new ones. I believe the filling hole is under the top cover.

  roygbiv 14:07 17 Feb 2003

I have a Lexmark Z55e! and the ink is going to run out soon. I used a refill on my old printer(canon BJ1OOO) from aktive direct, with great success, i was going to do the same with the Z55e but i am now thinking it is not possible,yet. The Z55e was only bought in October last year, so is it too new??

  Ben Avery (Work) 14:18 17 Feb 2003

cartridges have a hole under the lid where they can be refilled. The only problem is getting the lid off withouth breaking it! My folks have a Z22 which they wanted refilling and despite a couple of attempts, the lids are very difficult to get off (or more likely, I was doing it wrong!)


  roundhead123 15:39 17 Feb 2003

Mx2 do compatible cartridges : link is here: click here
I have a Z52 and the refill hole is on top of the black ink cartridge, the lid must be removed in order to refill the colour ones.

  struggle8 16:15 17 Feb 2003

why not fill them your self ATKIV computer products ltd do a good range of refil kits I paid £10.00 for a 22ml colour wich refills about 5 times which is cheap if you do alot of printig like me , but dont forget keep the old cartridge cos if your printer is under warrenty you lose it if you tell lexmark that you have refilled the cartridge good luck.

  Wak 16:18 17 Feb 2003

Hi, I have a lexmark X75 and get refill kits from click here.
They supply everything needed to remove the lid, refill the ink, balance the air (if necessary) and bleed the print head.
There's even a holder for the cartridge and a tool to make the required hole.
For my printer, the black refills are £9.99 (4 refills) and the colour are £12.99 (about 4 refills).
Full instructions included --- post and packing free.

  SteevScotland 16:24 17 Feb 2003

I am currenty thinking about filling the cartrides in my Lexmark X73 so Im watching with interest

Cheers S

  pj123 16:28 17 Feb 2003

Refill kits with full instructions can be bought from here click here have a look at their prices. Refilling is a messy job but if you don't mind inky fingers now and again it is very cost effective. the main thing to remember is you must not let the cartridge run out completely before refilling or it won't work. Little and often is a good maxim to work to.

  Goldcroft 09:19 27 Feb 2003

Just received an email reply from Aktiv. They can now supply refill kits for the Z55 at £6.99 for black and £9.99 for colour, or £15.99 for both ordered together. Prices include VAT and postage. Having not used a refill for ages don't know if each kit will refill more than one cartridge.

  Goldcroft 09:24 27 Feb 2003

Interesting. Just looked at current poll and only 11 percent refill cartridges. Thought it would be much higher in a forum like this one. Does someone know something I don't or is there more cash floating around the forum than I thought.

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