filezilla bandwidth

  iqs 15:58 30 Jan 2009

Finally got my FTP server working,question,when someone downloads from my PC,who's bandwidth is used,mine or theirs.


  iqs 16:21 30 Jan 2009

also do I need to enable SSL/TLS ?


  MAJ 17:16 30 Jan 2009

"who's bandwidth is used,mine or theirs."

Both, your's on upload, their's on download.

"do I need to enable SSL/TLS ?"

It's not something I've looked into or tested yet, iqs. I think, maybe, your relatives would need to use an FTP Client in order to access the files. I could be incorrect though.

What was the problem the server wouldn't connect before?

  iqs 19:36 30 Jan 2009


I was hoping you would respond to yet another FTP question,thanks.

When you say your's on upload,how am I uploading files and using my bandwidth if there on my PC,sorry if its a daft question.

"What was the problem the server wouldn't connect before?"

I think I failed to configure port forwarding correctly,I think...

I did the same procedure dozens of times before,still wouldn't work.Did the same procedure again today and it worked.......Very odd.

Thanks for helping MAJ

  MAJ 20:32 30 Jan 2009

Sorry iqs, had a little connection blip there.

Good to hear that you got it sorted in the end.

"When you say your's on upload,how am I uploading files and using my bandwidth if there on my PC,sorry if its a daft question."

Not a daft question at all, iqs. You have to remember that they aren't really connecting directly to your computer, you both connect to your ISP's servers, you upload the files (using bandwith to do so) to your ISP's server, the servers ISP'S connect and your relatives download (using bandwidth to do so) the files via their ISP's servers.

  MAJ 20:35 30 Jan 2009

.......the ISP'S servers connect.......

I hate laptops, lol.

  iqs 21:46 30 Jan 2009


Thats a lot clearer now,thanks.It just shows where my weakness is in regards to IT.
After my A+ is finished I believe a CISCO Network course/qualification is required.

Sorry just one more question please,the files I allow my relatives to download,can only the user with a password access them?.
Why I ask,when I established a test connection,I could see the folders,but when accessed,a password was required.I probable answered this question by asking it,but clarification from an expert would reassure me .

Thank you MAJ
Im not a fan of laptops as well

  MAJ 02:06 31 Jan 2009

Sorry iqs, mate called, had to go play poker.

I'm certainly no expert by any means.

Yes, only the relative with the correct username and password can view and download the files.

  iqs 10:09 31 Jan 2009

Thank MAJ for always helping.Hope you won ?.


  MAJ 11:58 31 Jan 2009

Happy to help, iqs, let me know if they manage to get your files through without any major problems.

"Hope you won ?."

It was a tournament, I came third, got £150, £120 profit, not bad for a few hours innocent fun and banter, lol.

  iqs 14:56 31 Jan 2009

invest it wisely

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