stef9000 20:31 25 Jul 2004


From peoples experiences or word of mouth, can anybody suggest a very good P2P or filesharing application to run using dial-up, i know many shall laugh but im serious im a very patient guy lol.

Tryed kazaa but to much adware and crap i have the diet k now but its sent kazaa funny. I've also tryed morpheous but very much the same as kazaa. Also briefly tryed overnet and soulseeker but had problems connecting to both of them maybe it was due to me having dial up im not sure but please feel free to add suggestions.

Thanks stef9000

  alan2k1 20:32 25 Jul 2004

no spyware excellent

  GaT7 21:00 25 Jul 2004

WinMX may not be as benign as one is led to believe -click here.

See this from PCWorld - "File Sharing Tools: Kazaa without spyware, BitTorrent without bottlenecks - New releases attempt to improve the experience, and tame the danger, of file sharing." click here - program d'load links provided. HTH, G

  Taw® 21:03 25 Jul 2004

alan2k1 My daughter downloaded winmx the other day without my knowledge. Her machine has been plagued with nothing but spyware, my search bar etc and also 5 trojansit was only with useful advice from this forum, that I was able to get her back to normal. stef9000 there is nothing for free in this life or the next. if you wish to file share then I think you just have to take wht comes

  CurlyWhirly 21:41 25 Jul 2004


I must say that I agree with you as regards your PC getting trojans, spyware, viruses, etc and as a
result I don't use ANY P2P networks at all now.
I used to use WinMX and KaZaA Lite but if the actual programs themselves don't contain any nasties then you never know what you are downloading from them!
I decided to quit P2P after having numerous connection problems caused by a 'brilliant digital' trojan that was taking up my bandwidth and probably letting other malware in by the backdoor.
In the end the ONLY way that I could get back online was to restore my Drive Image 7 backup!

  gudgulf 21:45 25 Jul 2004

If you can find it kazaa lite does not have any spyware attached to it,however ANY p2p program carries a very high risk of picking up viruses,trojans and every other category of nasty there is on the net.

You must make sure you have an arsenal of anti adware/spyware programmes and an up to date av programme.I would recommend one that can scan within compressed folders so that it will pounce on dodgy downloads before they make it onto the pc.

  stef9000 21:51 25 Jul 2004

Yeh thats a very good point i really never concidered. Its ok having kazaa lite and diet k and so forth but u never know what your actually downloading.
I only download of them for the sake of it really lol i think its time to forget file sharing,also just started morpheous then run spyware checker after and it found 7 new entries lol only had it on for 10 minutes, and also run regisrty cleaner and its found 54 new activex entries since morpheuos was run thats made my mind up i think.

  mammak 21:55 25 Jul 2004

stef9000 you could try paying for your music,
that might ensure you dont download anthing nasty!
But then again it seems the FE only comes on board when it suits,
As i understood these type of threads were a NO No on this Forum,,
Seems not to some?

  GaT7 22:02 25 Jul 2004

To add to my previous post also see this PCMag article - "Spyware-Free P2P — For Free" click here. G

  CurlyWhirly 19:11 27 Jul 2004


Hes it is certainly better to leave P2P alone altogether unless of course you don't mind having your PC infested with nasties!

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