Files & Settings Transfer Wizard

  gazmix 13:48 09 Nov 2007

I want to backup my Outlook Express inbox. Can i do this using thed Files & Settings transfer wizard?

Idealy, i would like to save my inbox to the desktop & then to a USB Flash Drive.

Is this possible & easy to do?



  Technotiger 14:23 09 Nov 2007
  gazmix 20:32 09 Nov 2007

Technotiger to the rescue i think!

Ok, i've downloaded this programme & saved what it said to 'my documents'. I have an icon there!

I inserted my usb stick, highlighted the icon in 'my documents' & clicked on 'copy this file'.

I now have it on my stick, although when i double click on it, i get nothing!

When i get the new pc, do i download the programme again from your link & it will upload the data back to the Outlook Express on the new pc!

The new pc has XP pro, i assume OE 6 which i have is default on there! yeh?? (wondering).


  Technotiger 21:49 09 Nov 2007

I have never used that program because I don't use Outlook or Outlook Express. However, I dunno about 'rescue' but I will try to advise, as best I can.

When you double click your saved icon within your My Documents does it show its contents, because it looks to me as if you have only copied the Folder to your usb stick, not the folders contents.

Try this - open your My Documents and make the window smaller, but so that you can still see your saved folder. Then open your stick so that you can see both windows on your desktop - next left-click on Folders icon and Drag it across and drop it onto your stick. Then see if the Folder now on your stick is complete with its contents.

Provided your Folder on the stick is now complete with its contents, you can reverse the procedure to move the folder from the stick to your new PC.

  Technotiger 21:53 09 Nov 2007

PS - yes you would need the same Backup Wizard on your new PC to effect the recovery of your saved Outlook data.

  gazmix 23:57 09 Nov 2007

oops, i tryed again & when i double click on the icon in 'my stick', it reverts back to the Backup Wizard & 'Restoring from the backup file', so i guess it has copied it all (17.087kb) of it .
It did take a 30 seconds or so to create the backup, thats why i thought it may have backed up more than the icon.

Instead of starting a new thread. I'll have a new pc tomorrow with xp & no other programmes on it!
I'll get online, but when i'm online i'll need a firewall, but to get a firewall , i'll need to get online!
Is it ok to download the firewall (without a firewall)& any probs i have i can get rid of using the other software i'll download like AVG, Spybot, Adaware.
I've no way of installing a firewall before i get online!!


  Technotiger 07:47 10 Nov 2007

The new PC has XP Pro, you said. So, don't worry about a Firewall, XP has its own doesn't it. After your new PC 'settles down' you can put your own choice of firewall on, along with all your other stuff like AVG etc.

  gazmix 10:53 10 Nov 2007

yes, its got xp pro, i forgot about the Windows Firewall!!

I guess the default firewall for xp pro is OE, but which version!.

In 'add/remove'programmes, i have the following i'm confused about:-

Windows Installer
Adobe Flash P;ayer Active X
Java se Runtime Environment 6 update 1

what do they do & where can i download them?


  gazmix 01:08 14 Nov 2007

OE coppied, why can't all pc stuff be so straight forward lol! Thanks Technotiger!

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