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  Nancy166 12:21 16 Sep 2006

Hi Guys,
There's a bit of a rush on this one. Can anyone help?????

My son in law has his own business and has recently purchased a new computer. This weekend was set aside for transferring data from one to the other using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard and direct cable.

Both computers are in sinc and they began the process but then everything stopped.

They started again and the same thing happened. They have tried three times with the same result.

Any ideas???

Many thanks


  ArrGee 12:51 16 Sep 2006

How much data do you have to transfer and what file types?

  Nancy166 13:01 16 Sep 2006

Everything. He's tranferring the lot!

  Nancy166 13:06 16 Sep 2006

31hours worth according to the Wizard

  ArrGee 13:06 16 Sep 2006

Try to transfer the data in batches instead of the lot in one go (which I assume you are doing). This way you can identify what data is not transferring smoothly (as it maybe corrupt).

  Nancy166 13:18 16 Sep 2006

They have tried that....just transferring the settings first. I suggested a bit at a time but my daughter said you couldn't do was all or nothing.

I also told her to check for firewalls on both computers. Maybe that is the problem


  ArrGee 13:20 16 Sep 2006

Sure, worth checking the firewalls, but I can't see how this could be the route-cause of the problem.

Have you tried setting up the two PCs on a network and making the old PC's harddrive as shared?

  VoG II 13:26 16 Sep 2006

It isn't all or nothing click here

  Stuartli 13:40 16 Sep 2006

Are you using a null modem serial cable to do the transfers?

  Nancy166 14:00 16 Sep 2006

Many thanks for all the info so far.

They have disabled the firewalls and have started the transfer again...been going about 20 minutes. The cut off seems to be about the 2hour mark.

The cable they are using is Direct Parallel. Maybe that's the problem.

If this transfer fails then I'll e-mail all the info so far.

It's been a while since I've used the file transfer wizard so can you remind me. If you click 'files,' and they come up on the window on the right hand side can you choose as to which ones are transferred?



  Nancy166 11:45 18 Sep 2006

Hi All,
Problem has finally been resolved. The firewall on the new computer was part of the problem and my son in law had to change the settings I believe on the new computer. Not sure of this one as the line was crackling and next door's dog was barking so might have misheard.
Many thanks to those of you who helped....what a brilliant web site.

Just to be a further pain....a friend has eye problems and read with interest a message on this board re this. She tried to change the font size on the screen. Her son said not to as it was digitally set??????
Anyway the result is that she developed green lines across the screen. One or two to start with but now almost all the way down. I've never heard of this and would have thought a plasma monitor would be a bit more resilient than that.

He says she will have to have a new monitor.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again for your help


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