files with the same name ?

  Magik ®© 08:29 01 Oct 2005

hi, I have thousands of pictures all in different folders, which makes finding anything hard going, is there a any way i can disable, what ever it is that stops files with the same name being kept, i would like them all in one massive folder, to i can view the thumbnails in one go.....

sorry, i dont really know how to word the above,

for example, if a pic has a name of "123" and in another folder there is another "123" how can i get them into one folder. I realize i can rename them, but there are thousands of them..


  VoG II 08:33 01 Oct 2005

You could try Picasa click here

It won't actually move them but will create a catalogue.

  Magik ®© 08:43 01 Oct 2005

thanks for that, i will give it a try, then report back.................

  DieSse 11:46 01 Oct 2005

Yu can't have two files with the same name in the same folder - so you would have to rename them.

The Picasa/IrfanView/or similar route is far easier.

  Magik ®© 12:52 01 Oct 2005

thanks, just tried the picasa, and yes it can not be done....I will start on a rename project.

thanks vog and DieSse

  suzie005 13:58 01 Oct 2005

i d/l the program a mth or so ago when i saw u mention it in's cool.the gud thing abt it is that it finds all ur hidden pics in a cuple of mins.haven't dun owt with it yet mind u but it's there.


u go 4 it.

  MAJ 14:36 01 Oct 2005

Using Irfanview's File > "Batch Conversion/Rename" option, you can rename all the pictures in a folder (or those you choose) at a stroke, example Wedding1, Wedding2, Wedding3, etc, etc.

  Magik ®© 18:06 01 Oct 2005

Thanks all for the help, they are now all renamed, from 001 upwards...., landed up using irfanview...nice one.

hiya 005, long time no see....hows life?

  Enoch 19:05 01 Oct 2005

Renaming a Digital photo group: In Windows Explorer, right-click on of them and select “ReName” then type in the relative box the name for the sequence of photo’s in that folder, for example “Holidays”, then press enter. Windows will give each file the same name and a consecutive number, for example “Holidays (1).jpg, etc.

  suzie005 19:11 01 Oct 2005

glad u got it sorted.ALL of them are renamed???? thought it'd take u a cuple of days.

life is well....i'll tell u when u've got a few spare hrs.

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