Files couldn't be defrag

  Danoh 21:09 19 May 2007

I've been trying to do a restore of XP and bundled apps (Sony VAIO laptop bundle) + install other apps.

But I keep getting an XP Disk Defragmenter message further down the process, after installing another application (e.g. on separate attempts, Windows Live Messenger 8.1, MS Office 2003, Adobe Reader 7 upgrade to 8)

"Defragmentation is complete for: VAIO (C:)
Some files on this volume could not be defragmented.
Please check the defragmentation report for a list of these files."

Could I be defrag-ging and CClean-ing too often?
I tend to defrag several times after each and every critical update or new app installation. I also run Reg Cleaner and CCleaner at least once.

I start by restoring VAIO's C: Image,
Straight away the Page File has 1 fragment and the MFT has 2 fragments which never go away.
After more apps get installed, the MFT shows 3 fragments.

Any suggestions, advice or even comments would be appreciated, while I restore back to the last Acronis True Image 9 backup and try again.

  Technotiger 22:11 19 May 2007

Hi, it is normal that some files cannot be defragged. For the best defragging IMHO you should use Diskeeper (Free) click here - diskeeper runs silently in the background, so once set-up you can just forget it, and never have to do a defrag again!

You are ok with running ccleaner and reg cleaner.

  moorie- 22:18 19 May 2007

which is the free one/link

  Technotiger 22:23 19 May 2007

Ignore my previous link - free link here click here

  Technotiger 22:24 19 May 2007

PS - Scroll down to near the bottom of that page for the Diskeeper 7.0 download.

  eedcam 23:09 19 May 2007

Ok the link works but the download is not available though I see they cater for that by asking for your email address

  Danoh 23:14 19 May 2007

Thanks Technotiger - I did have Diskeeper Lite lying around somewhere. Will download as it might be newer then my freebie.
I found a direct download via click here

  TheJam 00:02 20 May 2007

click here
if youve got the chipset,

  Danoh 11:57 20 May 2007

Downloaded, installed and ran Diskeeper Lite 7;
1st couple of runs, 7 & 9 artefacts still reported as fragmented but they were cleared up after I ran DK a few more times.
Hurray(!), I thought. But when I uninstalled DK Lite & ran XP's Defrag, it still reported the same message, which as before, if I clicked on to see which files did not fragment, none were listed.

My sys config - XP Home SP2, C drive 27.94Gb (55% free), D drive 58.23Gb (57% free).

TheJam - thanks for posting that. I've downloaded and unzipped that bundle. Have copied out the Diskeeper folder to try and run on my Laptop which has an Intel MoBo but not sure which chipset.
I can't see how that DK 9 needs Intel chipset to work though?
Will try it and report back.

  Danoh 13:53 20 May 2007

Just as a precaution, I deleted Exec S/w folder from C:\Program Files before installation.
More info provided which is useful as it indicates whether performance is actually impacted or not, despite files fragmented or excess fragments.

However, I know that with time (2 mths), the laptop will start to slow to a crawl. As I have to restore from the VAIO image on HDD rather then from an XP CD, its more then annoying that the image starts off with 2 fragments in the MFT and 1 in the paging file.

I've downloaded and run PageDfrg.exe which does not resolve the Page file's 1 fragment. Nor did setting no Page File (XP's Performance> Advanced> setting), rebooting and then recreating a new Page file (1.5x RAM size initially, 2x RAM as max setting).

I note that the DK Pro version has the FragShield component which is meant to sort out MFT and Page File.
Has anyone tried this and found it resolved MFT fragments?

Any other suggestions and thoughts more then welcome.

  Danoh 10:45 21 May 2007

Anyone had success with removing MFT fragments using this?
Or is there an alternative method I could try to avoid these fragments?

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