Files backed up on CDRW are unreadable - help!

  Tonycooper3 20:55 04 Feb 2004


I recently backed up a whole bunch of files on a newly acquired CD Rewriter(including some word docs/utility applications) before reformatting the hard disk.

However, when I go to open them, the word docs are just a jumble of indecipherable symbols.

I have Microsoft Word 97 installed - the application with which they were created - so I can't figure out why they just appear as nonsense.

In "properties" they are listed as Read only.

If I try and open one of the .exe applications I get the error:

(filename) is not a valid win32 application.

Any suggestions would be very welcome



  Jester2K 21:04 04 Feb 2004

Try IsoBuster click here

All files recorded to CD are recorded as Read Only.

  Tonycooper3 10:43 05 Feb 2004


I downloaded and tried Isobuster, but the files are still all a jumble of symbols. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


  Noels 11:05 05 Feb 2004

Tonycooper3 Don't know if I can be of any help but I had the same problem a couple of years ago and asked the same question and got not alot of help. I had saved docs to floppies that had been written with Works fo Windows. The only way I could open them was by finding my old copy of Works and reinstalling it. However you say you are trying to open your docs with the same programme that you wrote them with.

The only other suggestion is to go to the drop down menu in Files of Type at the bottom of the Word open box and work your way down the list of file types.

Regards Noels

  Hyperangelic 11:57 05 Feb 2004

I'm guessing you just burnt the documents to your CDs - yes? When you look at the CD in Windows Explorer, can you see the file names as they should be?

Can you copy the files to a folder on the hard disk and try from there, using File / Open in Word?

  Tonycooper3 17:00 05 Feb 2004

Hi, Yeah all the file names are there on the disk, and I can drag them onto the desktop/save them to folders on my harddrive. However, whether I open the docs on the disk itself, or on the desktop they are still just a jumble of symbols.

  Valvegrid 17:20 05 Feb 2004

Are you using Windows 98? It sounds like when you saved the files originally it was in FAT16, now you've reformatted you could have re-formatted in FAT32, in which case it will cause you a problem. I'm not sure how to reverse it at the moment, but someone else might.


  Tonycooper3 18:49 05 Feb 2004

No, I'm using Windows ME now (and was before I reformatted).

  Tonycooper3 12:45 06 Feb 2004

Anyone else got any suggestions? It ain't looking promising...

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