Filehippo's older versions question!

  gazmix 11:41 25 Sep 2007

I was using an older version of ZA Free.
It recently asked me to update security by downloading the new version.
I didn't want the new version as it was huge & my pc isn't.

On filehippo, you can download version 5.5 - 7.

If it's necessary to have the latest model to be up to date security wise, what's the point having the past models available for update!.

I have downloaded Ashampoo, but i reckon it has floors in it & want my old ZA back. Someone on a local forum says i should just download ZA 6.1 & use that, but wouldn't i then get update notifications?

On my old version, it said 'update available'! If i downloaded version 6.1, would it say this??

  spuds 12:25 25 Sep 2007

Some website keep old programmes for downloading, because people still use and like the older versions, as an example IE6/IE7.

If you download and use an older version programme it may have a block for future updates, because the company regards that particular product as obsolete and perhaps by its sell by date. Some companies continue to provide updates for older versions, but these usually reduce in frequency, so in the case of an anti-virus product, you safeguard and protection can be limited, and that product is best removed from the computer.

If you keep getting pop-up reminders, then that is what the product supplier wants you to do, update. Whether you stick with the product or move elsewhere, then thats your choice. I run ZA (free version) and keep getting reminders about an update version availability. At present I keep pressing the 'remind me later' button, this is to see if anyone responds via a forum like PCA of any problems due to downloading the new version.

  bretsky 12:31 25 Sep 2007

"Someone on a local forum says i should just download ZA 6.1 & use that, but wouldn't i then get update notifications?"

Yes you would but from the option box that appears select notify me in 60 days, Ive just gone back to 7.0.362.000 from 408 because of stability probs and I have selected this until a newer version comes out.

bretsky ;0)

  tullie 12:55 25 Sep 2007

Zone Alarm Free is not a huge file

  gazmix 13:27 25 Sep 2007

the ZA update 7 take nearly 5 hours to download on my pc. The Ashampoo took 15mins to download!

So i can download version 6.1 or 6.5 & continue to use that, safely protected & just keep saying remind me later! I don't think it said 60 days, just later, which meant tomorrow.

Is there a big difference between the models between 6.1 & 6.5?

  Stuartli 14:02 25 Sep 2007
  gazmix 14:22 25 Sep 2007

I'm still not sure which i had, but i assume i can download any of these & be up to date with detections, like i could download 6.1 which is only 10MB as oposed to 7 which is 39MB at filehippo.

  bretsky 14:42 25 Sep 2007

"& be up to date with detections" I think you are confusing this with a antivirus progam, the free version is just a fire wall, please read Stuartli's link which gives you a breakdown to the fixes in the newer versions, these are not detections, these are mainly network bug fixes and compatibility issues with other programs.

click here

bretsky ;0)

  gazmix 15:18 25 Sep 2007

soz, maybe i got the word wrong, detections is something it says on Adaware, Avg etc!

So, it don't matter what version i have, it will be ok & control traffic!
If i download version 6.1, it will work as a firewall as well as 7. Just 7 is a newer version yeh!

6.1 looks like the one i had, but i'm not sure. I just want the most basic, smallest, effective ZA firewall. Not 39MB like all the version 7 's i've seen!

  tullie 15:20 25 Sep 2007

Lets try and get something straight Gazmix,as this is getting confusing.
Are we talking about ZA Free Firewall,or ZA Anti Virus,youve got two threads going!

  Stuartli 15:21 25 Sep 2007

The latest version of ZA free takes up 9.41MB (as listed in Add/Remove Programs) on my system.

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