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  hvs 16:01 11 Jun 2003

Please could someone help me? I have a Nikon digital camera with installed software Fotostation easy. Downloading the photos, no problem but when I click on a photo to send via email it attaches itself all very well but the attachment cannot be opened. I get an error message" C/Windows Temporary Internet Files/Content IE5/etc.
"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in My Computer by clicking etc". I have noticed as well that the files created by Fotostation show that it is in JPG format but it used to have an icon which is different to the one which appears now. I have used this program before and had no problem so I think some other downloaded program could have interfered with it. I have also uninstalled and then re-installed the software but nothing works. The only new software I have installed was for a Canon scanner. OPS WIN 98SE 2nd edition.
I am desperate!!!!!!

  TBH1 16:27 11 Jun 2003

are you saying you can't open it - -or the people you are sending it to can't open it ? The simple way of associating a file with a program/applictaion is if yoy select the file (single click) then once highlighted, right click it - - you should get a drop down menu with amongst other options, 'open with' - - -select what you want to open it with ie Photshop or PSP or failing that, Internet Explorer - - -tick the little box wich says 'always open with this' , or words to that effect, and away you go.

  hvs 19:11 11 Jun 2003

I always check after I have attached a file that it will open before sending the email off. All my family and friends to whom I sent these pics could not open the attachment. Will try what you suggested, have been making dinner and doing housework. Never ends!
As I explained in my question that once I have attached the file to the email I click on it and then click on "open " but it will not open then I get the message with the file types. I have also tried clicking on my computer, folder options but I do not have a clue as to which file type I should select! There are many of the same icons which appear on the list with different file ext.

  TBH1 21:12 11 Jun 2003

making the dinner and doing the housework can wait - - -you really have to learn to get your priorities right !!! If you know what application you want to use to view, then do as I suggest - - -I also tried 'the other way' and although eventually sorted some files out, it was more by luck than judgement - - - gotta go, she's just come back and I ain't done the dishes yet !!!!

  hvs 21:55 11 Jun 2003

Thanks TBH1
Will try tomorrow. Am doing the ironing now.Unfortunately housework is the priority as it's my current job description. Give my eye teeth to learn more about computers though! Iv'e done a few things like install our Plextor cd writer and cd rom drive so I'm not that useless!Blond,yes, but not dumb!

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