File transfer from Windows 3.1

  montrosejim 19:25 13 Apr 2006

I have an old machine running Windows 3.1.

Is there any reasonable way to transfer several thousand smallish files off that machine onto my laptop running XP?

The old machine has a serial port, parallel port, 270MB HDD compressed with Stacker, removable Syquest 230MB EZFlyer drive (Stackered) running off the parallel port, very slow modem, 1.44MB floppy, CD (not recordable).

The laptop has DSL, USB1 port, parallel, serial, CR-RW, most of the usual.

Worst case, I have a desktop with Windows ME, (haven't had the nerve to try upgrading to XP yet), that has a floppy drive and a CD writer, and I could copy by floppy to that, then to a CD that I could read on the laptop. (Could take a hundred floppies).

I thought XP's Files &Settings Transfer Wizard might do the trick, but Microsoft's site says "as far back as Windows 95."

I'd hate to spend a lot of time and/or money on something that can't work.

Ideas? Laplink? PCAnywhere?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:38 13 Apr 2006

couple of options:

remove HDD set to slave and fit in ME machine, copy files to CD.

remove HDD insert in USB external caddy and connect to USB port on laptop.

  octal 19:42 13 Apr 2006

As Windows 3.1 is basically a dos program, there might be a way of networking it with the lappy by installing dosbox on it and using the server/client commands in dos. I can't remember them of hand, but I will search unless someone else comes up with a better idea. This is the site for Dosbox click here

  montrosejim 19:47 13 Apr 2006

Fruit Bat:

I don't know exactly how to do those things, but I worry about the Stacker part and the Syquest drive part. Since the old drives are compressed, and I know Syquest is out of business, and I don't know if the maker of Stacker exists anymore, could I get the ME machine to recognize and read the drives?


I've never even heard of Dosbox. What is it?

On-going thanks for helping.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:58 13 Apr 2006

click here

ME well may be able to read the compressed drive.

To fit drive click here do not partition and format

  octal 19:59 13 Apr 2006

Dosbox is a dos emulation program so that you can run dos on a machine that hasn't got DOS, I use it on Linux to run a lot of my old DOS software.

You need INTERSVR installed in the DOS files which can be downloaded from here click here and this page gives info on how to use it. You will have to make a crossover lead for the serial port by reversing the RX and TX leads between the computers.

All this is from memory.

Reading Fruit Bat /\0/\'s way would probably be the way I would do it. Take the drive out of the 3.1 machine and have a look at the back of the drive, there should be some jumpers to select it as a slave, then put it into your ME machine and see if it will pick up the drive.

  montrosejim 20:10 13 Apr 2006

I can imagine that working with the hard drive. I still have my doubts about the fact it's compressed with Stacker, but it sounds like a reversible process if need be.

How about the Syquest removable drive?

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