File Transfer Problems

  Zorrofox 11:51 06 Aug 2005

Hi folks. I hope someone here can help with this problem.

I've just bought a new computer. When I did I originally intended to swap out one of my drives from my old pc and install it in the new one. This was an easy way to transfer all my music and digital photos, or so I thought.

Turns out the new pc doesn't use the same type of drive as my old one. Is there some other way to connect up the two pc's without going to the expense of a router? The new pc has a "LAN" port on the motherboard and many USB ports. The old pc only seems to have USB ports. And a modem. Can this be done using USB? Or is there another cheap way to do it? Maybe buying a cheap "LAN" card or something?

I hope someone can help. There's far too much data to copy it all to DVD.

Thanks for any help forthcoming.

  rawprawn 12:50 06 Aug 2005

Do you mean you can't install the old HDD into your new computer as a slave drive?

  Zorrofox 13:08 06 Aug 2005

Yes. Exactly. I thought it would be no problem but the new pc has a SATA drive. I'm using an Asus A8N-SLI motherboard if this helps. I would have thought USB would have been enough. It's only a temporary fix anyway. The old one will be sold soon enough.

  Klof Ron 13:14 06 Aug 2005

If the answer to rawpawn's is yes, and your new PC is SATA, whilst the old one is EIDE, I suggest the purchase of a USB External Hard Drive case. Once connected, and files tranferred, you can format the drive and use for backup/storage

  Number 7 13:16 06 Aug 2005

Is this the mobo click here ?

According to the spec, it has IDE connections.

  Zorrofox 13:46 06 Aug 2005

Aye, that's the one. Where could I buy an external HD case?

  pj123 14:21 06 Aug 2005

I'm not sure whether I am thick or not but I don't see a problem here. According to the link supplied by Number 7 the motherboard has an IDE connection. All you need to do is set the jumpers on your old hard drive to Slave and connect it to the IDE.

  rawprawn 15:32 06 Aug 2005

I agree with pj123, if you are having trouble with the jumper settings, try without any jumpers on your slave.

  Zorrofox 17:31 06 Aug 2005

Thanks folks. Of course you're all right. I assumed that, as the new pc had a SATA drive then that's all it supported. I did have a look inside but the cables are all tidily tucked away. I didn't see the IDE slots. lol

Thanks for all the help though. I'll try to apply some logic next time before asking for help.

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