Novis 13:11 10 Jun 2003

SOFTWARE RELOAD - How do I access the following files so that I can reload them when I reinstal Windows 95 on my Compaq Presario 3060:

1) Outlook Express address book (will it transfer as part of the .pst files?)

2) I have customised the Display Settings: can they be tranferred and reinstalled?

3) Can I transfer my Internet Connection details so I donlt have to re-enter them? What is the file they're stored in?

4) Word Autocorrect: how do I trandfer these? Are they part of Normal?

5) Are there other files similar to the above (other than Custom) which I could copy and re-install?

6) Is there anything else a novice should know?

I've been told that reinstalling files to the registry is a ricky - is it / why ?

Many thanks.

Antony - [email protected]

  moore_mat 13:38 10 Jun 2003

Hi Anthony

To answer your questions as best I can:-
1/ Should be in a wab file, do a search. It should be in C:\windows\application data\microsoft\address book, but can be elsewhere.

2/No you can't save these settings, you'll need a pen and notepad to make notes I'm afraid.

3/ Again, not as far as I know - most ISP's like Freeserve allow you to re-setup your connection when you put the CD in - all you need to remember is your e-mail address & password. Keeping note of the telephone number would be a usefl thing to do also.

4 & 5/ I believe they are in, which is hidden away in your "office" folder. Anyone know the extent to what it saves (should be page layout, default font and the like..)

6/ Are you restoring your PC with a "restoration disk" or are you intending to use just a Windows 95 CD? If it's the latter, make sure you have all the driver disks for all the bit's and bob's in your PC (e.g. modem, graphics card, etc)
If you are missing any driver disks, it's worthwhile pointing out this little utility - noteworthy for others about to reinstall windows - it's called WinDriver Ghost click here



  moore_mat 13:41 10 Jun 2003

That WinDriver Ghost utility will create a driver disk for all the components in your computer. Very useful if you've lost the original disks!

P.S. If you have a restoration CD and you haven't upgraded your PC, then you will have no problems, just stick the CD in, restart your PC and it'll do all the hard work for you!


  Megatyte 13:59 10 Jun 2003

Address book.

Have a blank floppy ready in your drive.

Open your address book and click on File - Export - Address book(WAB). Enter a file name and browse to your floppy (A) drive. Click Save.

Mail accounts.

Open Outlook Express. Click on Tools - Accounts. Select the mail tab. Select your mail account and click on Export. Browse to your floppy drive and click Save. Repeat this for as many accounts as you have set-up.

To re-install on your new system insert your floppy disk(s) and do as above, but click on Import.

Dial up networking.

Is not supported by export but you can copy and paste. Make a note of your username and password as these will need to be re-entered.


  Megatyte 14:02 10 Jun 2003

Agree with you regarding WinDriver Ghost.

I use it all the time.


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