File too big to download in 2 hour cut off time

  saldobs 22:50 26 Oct 2003

Any ideas on a piece of software that would let me save the amount of download that had managed in a 2 hour slot (NTL) and then reset the modem and continue from where the file had got to?
I have searched on Google but must be using the wrong terms because it has failed me, for the first time ever!

  mark500 22:54 26 Oct 2003
  woodchip 22:55 26 Oct 2003

Yes Dap download manager is a good down loader as it can take up where the connection is lost. click here? take the speed with a pinch of salt. But it does do the job

  GibsonSt19 23:32 26 Oct 2003
  spruce 23:33 26 Oct 2003

Depends on how big the file is. Even with DAP you might be cut off. Some sites do not have download resume. If you have already tried this then it might be worth while setting up a pay as you go account with another ISP and download your prog over a longer period than 2 hours.

  woodchip 23:44 26 Oct 2003

Yes that's OK but the ISP he is using is a free one cost ZERO

  Migwell 00:02 27 Oct 2003

Please tell us the ISP that is doing it for free

  woodchip 00:09 27 Oct 2003

NTL 321 through a Dial-Up phone line. You pay the BT line rental £28 per Quarter and Pay NTL £15 a month to use as Phone calls during the month if you use more you would have to pay the extra for the calls but mine never goes over the £15 on top of that I get Dial-Up 24/7 a year Free

  temp003 09:35 27 Oct 2003

I have been using the free version of DAP as suggested by woodchip for a number of years (both in the days of 56K modem and now broadband).

The speed difference is quite large with a broadband connection, but you won't gain much speed with a 56K modem connection. But it is still worth using a download manager like DAP because at least you can use the Resume function (when the download servers support it - most do).

  Stuartli 12:04 27 Oct 2003

FreshDownload (click here) also includes a Resume facility - and Pause as well.

  joel42 14:28 27 Oct 2003

Never has a problem with Flashget

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