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  Squabbler 23:54 17 Feb 2008

hi, i recently bought a new cabel for my mini dv camcorder so thati can get the footage off onto my latop and eventually onto a dvd. however when im getting the footage off its seeming that like 5minutes of gootage is a 1GB of memory. its stupid. how can this b right im never gonna b able to fit it all on a dvd???

does anyone know a way i can change the file size or compress it or something but in a way that not going to wreck the footage aka make it blury or something?
ive got roughly 5 hours of stuff i need on dvds and at this rate ill have to have like 1000 dvds lol can anyone help me?

  woodchip 00:06 18 Feb 2008

You need Pinnacle Studio click here
IT as a burner built in, and you can Ediot the Film. Is this on mini Tape?

  Squabbler 00:09 18 Feb 2008

yes its on a mini dv tape. i know how to edit the footage with other programs so eddititng is no problem. but will that pinnacle studio make the files smaler? or my laptops going to be full withing no time. vista takes up enougn bloody space as it is lol i hate vista lol
ill have a look a the pinnaclethings now . thanks

  tullie 01:32 18 Feb 2008

Its got nothing to do with Vista,why is it stupid,suggest that you read up on the subject regarding different video formats.

  Squabbler 01:59 18 Feb 2008

not blaming it on vista was just saying i hate it, personal oppinion, i think vista is rubbish compared to XP would choose it over vista any day but as we all know vista is the way forward so have to get it with the laptop. i just dont like it personally. especially the way it asks for permission before it does anything. very anoying.

different video formats? will that change the file size in any way then??? its the size thats causing me problems? just anoyingly big lol

  MCE2K5 02:01 18 Feb 2008

This will Edit & Reduce them 'Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista' click here.

Windows Vista: Features Explained: Windows Movie Maker click here

  eedcam 07:46 18 Feb 2008

60 mins of dv-avi which is what you got is 13G/byte per 60 mins so 1G/byte for 5 mins near enough

  Les28 08:22 18 Feb 2008

As eedcam said 60 minutes of dv-avi is about 13 GB's but that will fit onto a 4.7 GB single sided dvd disc easily becuse your video dvd making software transcodes the dv-avi fomat into the dvd vob fomat in the process of making a video dvd, the vob format will probably be only about a quarter of the size of the original dv-avi, so you don't have to do any compressing yourself, the video dvd software does this.

Your 5 hours of footage should fit on 4 single sided 4.7 GB dvd discs.

  Les28 09:28 18 Feb 2008

Another way of pre-compressing your footage from the camcorder is if you have or know someone who has a stand alone under the tv dvd video disc recorder, they're not much over £50 now in the shops, is to capture your footage from camcorder to dvd video disc at best quality, need about 4 discs for your 5 hours of footage,then download a free 15 or 30 day free trial of a video editing programme online, then just import into the vid editing programme from a dvd video disc and edit your footage, then burn as a new dvd video disc. You won't need anywhere near as much hard drive space then.

This way the dv-avi is already converted into the mpeg2 vob video format at about a quarter of the dv-avi size. Most vid editing programmes, not WMM however, will accept the import of video from dvd discs for further editing and authoring of a new disc to burn on your pc.

  woodchip 10:28 18 Feb 2008

DivX click here

  Squabbler 12:35 19 Feb 2008

thanks this is great will try all of this out. however does anyone know how to get the footage off the cam quicker cus as of the moment its playing it to download it. this will take 5 hours lol any other way to do it? if not il b patient lol
thanks for alll the help though.

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