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  baldyx 19:59 31 Mar 2008

I have some files in a folder on a disc.

When i opened the folder ,the 'date modified' on the files is completely different than the expected date,i.e. the the file was actually last updated on 28thFeb08 but the date displayed (in explorer) is 21st Feb08 & also the content from the update(from 28th Feb08 ) is not there !

However when I then reinserted the same disc without making any updates , the date and content were displayed correctly.

Please anyone explain this phenomena!

  MCE2K5 00:48 01 Apr 2008

If the Disc in question is a CD-RW or DVD-+RW, The information (Date Modified) is not updated till the Disc is Ejected, If I remember correctly, Been a while since I last used a Data Disc.

  baldyx 11:51 01 Apr 2008

But the cd-rw I have was updated sometime ago so when I insert it into my dvd writer it should show correct dates in the windows explorer.

  DieSse 12:23 01 Apr 2008

When you "update" a file on a CD-RW, it doesn't overwrite the file with the new version, it writes a new file and retains the old version.

It sounds as if it has somehow read the old session, pointing to the old file.

Don't ask me how that can happen, as I have no idea.

  baldyx 17:38 01 Apr 2008

DieSse - that seems to be the case because after rebooting the pc the cd-rw when inserted shows correct file & dates.

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