File and software transfer.

  frybluff 22:29 24 Jan 2012

I am getting a new laptop, and have promised my old laptop, to a friend, when I do. Before I do, I will obviously need to transfer files, like photos, music, etc., plus some purchased software, assuming that is permissable. I want to leave my friend a usable system, whilst ensuring I have removed all personal data, eg credit card/ bank info, in case my friend is less security conscious than I am. Can anyone direct me to an useful articles/ tutorials, which may assist me, in "layman's" terms? Many thanks.

  difarn 22:49 24 Jan 2012

Windows Easy Transfer should do the job

If you don't have a usb data cable (this works very well) or don't want to transfer it via a network, you can use an external hard drive, usb flash drive or cd. You will need to reinstall programmes and software.

When you have done this you can then restore your old laptop to factory settings - this article explains this very clearly.

  onthelimit1 08:51 25 Jan 2012

You won't be able to transfer any programmes, so if you have software which you bought, you'll need the CD to install on new machine.

  frybluff 19:18 25 Jan 2012

I take it, where paid for software has been DOWNLOADED, I would need to contact the provider, for "permission" to download again to a new comp. I also take it that this may be "free" if "transferring" to new machine, but chargeable if I wanted to ALSO leave on old machine?

  difarn 19:47 25 Jan 2012

You are right in assuming that if you are taking the software off the old machine that you can put it onto your new machine. You are free to load it onto the other PC as you will have the product key. The onus is on you to remove it from the other PC in accordance with your agreement. I suggest that you install it on your new PC first.

If by any chance you don't have a product key then load Belarc Advisor onto your old PC - this is a programme that tells you everything on your PC, including product codes of software. I advise that you also put this on your new PC.

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