File size limit in Fat32

  Miké 21:28 30 Dec 2008

I have a 1TB network drive which is formatted as Fat32 (wont work as network drive if made NTFS) I have Acronis backing up to it and so far the single .tib file is 19Gig and rising. I thought the max Fat32 file size was 4Gig, any clues?

  crosstrainer 21:37 30 Dec 2008

What O / s are both using?

Would give us all a start before explaining the cluster size waste with FAT 32 as opposed to NTFS.

And the way TI address them both.

  Miké 21:39 30 Dec 2008

Ah yes good point....

Vista Home premium.

  Technotiger 21:40 30 Dec 2008

Maximum File size for FAT32 is 4Gb - Maximum Partition size is 2Tb.

As far as your back-up is concerned, I am guessing that the Final file size will only show when the backup is complete. Again guessing, during the backup process more space may be used to create the Final file! That is my theory anyway.

  Miké 21:42 30 Dec 2008

Just saw the "both" in your post crosstrainer, the network drive is a standalone Freecom drive click here connected to my router.

  crosstrainer 21:56 30 Dec 2008

Problem is with the USB drive not the os.

As long as you have a secure Acronis backup on the HDD of your pc.

Reformat the external drive (bin the software that comes with it )


Then backup using TI again.

Please create a restore point prior to making changes.

  Miké 22:25 30 Dec 2008

Thanks for your help crosstrainer just to clarify matters the drive is not connected via usb rather it's connected directly to a LAN port on my router, the built in server does not support NTFS so the drive is running FAT 32. Anyhow the final *.tib file is 23.4Gb I wonder if because it's a kind of archive the 4Gb limit does not apply?

  crosstrainer 06:23 31 Dec 2008

Probably not. But without knowning your network settings I couldn't give an answer.

Do you Know what O / s the server(s) are running?

  Miké 18:21 31 Dec 2008

Thanks for the replies I'll tick the thread now, and just not worry about it any more.

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