File sharing on an XP SP2 - Win98SE network

  Goalby 13:18 22 Oct 2004

My XP SP2 machine is connected via ethernet to a BT2100 ADSL router. My laptop is connected to the router via a Belkin wireless card. Both machines can access the internet. The XP machine can see the Win98 machine and can access the its file shares. Problem is that while Win98 machine can see the XP machine in Network Neighbourhood it cannot access the XP shares. An error about not having access to the network resource is shown. I have disable the XP firewall and have checked that the folders I whish to share are shared. I'm now struggling. I am running Norton anti-virus. Any help much appreciated.

  hillybilly 13:24 22 Oct 2004

You need to create a user name and password on the 98 machine that is the same as a user name and password that is used on the xp machine. Then start up the 98 machine logging in with that name and password!

  stlucia 15:32 22 Oct 2004

But the Win98 machine won't be able to read the WinXP files anyway if they're in NTFS format. WinXP, on the other hand, can read Win98's FAT32 files.

They need to be in FAT32 format on both machines if both systems are going to access all the files.

  hillybilly 16:09 22 Oct 2004

"They need to be in FAT32 format on both machines if both systems are going to access all the files."

Sorry, that's not so!

A win 98 pc cannot read an NTFS partion when the drive is phsyically on the same machine. But it can read files on an NTFS drive when it is looking acros a network. Thats how NT4 servers worked with win 98 also win 2000 servers.

  Goalby 19:58 22 Oct 2004

Thanks for your help guys. Unfortunately creating the new user ID hasn't cracked it.

In the past I have been able to file share between this XP machine and the Win98 machine when they were networked in an ad-hoc way via ethernet, so I agree that the FAT32 / NTFS issue shouldn't be a problem. Any other suggestions?

  hillybilly 20:42 22 Oct 2004

Oh where is JonnyTub! I.m sure he sorted this same sort of prob with w/less about a week ago for somebody else.

  stlucia 08:57 25 Oct 2004

Thanks for setting me straight, hillybilly.

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