File Sharing on Network

  jimmyflood 23:41 11 Sep 2007

I cannot share files across my home network.
My desktop shows up in my network places on my media centre pc, however when i go to open any files that are listed, i get an error message"Not enough server storage to complete this command"
Can anyone help?

  mgmcc 09:14 12 Sep 2007

"Not enough server storage is available to process this command."


"Not enough memory to complete transaction. Close some applications and retry."

These error messages can indicate an incorrect IRPStackSize on the remote computer (the one you are trying to access over the network). In the remote computer, open the event log and check for event ID 2011. If this is present, it may indicate this particular issue. To repair it, you need to set the IRPStackSize parameter in the registry back to its default value of 15.


Check for the presence of a value named IRPStackSize. If it doesn't exist, create it as type DWORD and, with base set to decimal, enter the value 15. Exit from the registry and reboot the computer.

Some AntiVirus programs are guilty of altering this setting and causing the problem.

Also have a look at this Microsoft Knowledge Base article which applies to XP too:

Antivirus Software May Cause Event ID 2011 (Q177078)
click here

  jimmyflood 10:21 12 Sep 2007

I have had a go at changing the value.
IRPStackSize did not exist, I entered the DWORD, but was not sure what was meant by "base set to decimal". Any value I entered just came up as invalid!

  mgmcc 13:03 12 Sep 2007

When you double click "IRPStackSize" to edit its value, you can set either Hexadecimal or Decimal. select Decimal and type in 15 click here

  jimmyflood 09:00 20 Sep 2007

mgmcc.Thanks for your help, I tried changing the registry, as you suggested, however never managed to get the computers talking to each other.
I searched through my back issues of PC Advisor and found a program called "Beinsync", this works very well, although I can only sync one computer to my desktop and share five files.Once again, thanks.

  ambra4 14:16 23 Sep 2007

If using McAfee there is a patch from McAfee.

Also have you installed server 2003 SP1??

As this problem is fixed with SP1

  jimmyflood 13:58 05 Oct 2007

I tried installing server 2003 SP1, however I received an error stating that the version of software I was running(XP Home SP2)did not match the download Version!
I am runnung Norton Internet Security 2007 Software on all of my Computers.

  EEW 17:57 05 Oct 2007

I have a Computer using Drop Chute Lite that shares files or we use a mike and talk back and forth with that.
Now the problem is My system will connect with his system every timne and it works like a charm shares file using the Mikes works great! BUT he can not connect with any of the other computers, If he trying to connect it seems to not get a answer that he is calling out? We have tried turning off firewalls on both ends We have by passed the routers, We have did many things but nothing helps??? We have double checked IP Numbers, I must make all calls !!! and only this one computer will not connect, He can connect to his second computer all right also But the second computer will not connect either using a router!. Some one send this old man a comment as to what we have set wrong??


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