file sending programme - yoursendit (154mb) file

  pcdimwit 00:41 02 Aug 2011

Hi, I have made a winrar zipped file which is 154mb in size, I want to send it to someone and I was under the impression that the programme gave a free file sending allowance of 2gb per day. however if I try to send this WinRar file of 154mb it wont allow it and asks for an upgrade to the paid subscritption - my question is: is there a programme (free) which will send a WinRar zipped folder of 154mb size for free?? it is only high resllution fotoes that I want to send in their original size (albeit zipped into the folder to make them smaller) as the recipient needs the very large 2.1mb each photo to work on them. Thanks PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 10:00 02 Aug 2011

Hi, Lazarus the 2nd, thanks alot for that, I am a dunce after all!! I didnt realise that yousendit had a STORAGE of 2gb and only 50mb per file sending limit, I thought the 2gb was the daily sending allowance. Have tried the other one and made a folder of the photos seperately, it doesnt let you send a complete zipped folder (I dont have an authentic copy of the microsoft programme that allows you to send the Winrar zipped files in an email on this computer) so thanks for that link to the Mediafire prog. seems to be pretty good for files bigger than 50mb, it would have taken FOREVER to send all the 2.1mg photos seperately in emails. PCDIMWIT

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