+++ file sending programme +++

  pcdimwit 16:37 15 Sep 2010

I am using click here as a file sending programme as a non-paid member, it allows you to send a file (1 only per time) of up to 100mb. My question is: Is there a free file sending programme that anyone can reccomend where I can send larger files?? am only looking for something to send files up to about 200mb ocassionally. thanks PCDIMWIT

  gengiscant 17:53 15 Sep 2010

I use this click here

  woodchip 18:07 15 Sep 2010

Not free but up to 2 gig file click here

  pcdimwit 13:23 16 Sep 2010

thanks for that link, have downloaded the "Pando" programme and its very good!! large size files for free sending!! and a confirmation e-mail to myself from them, very good!! thanks PCDIMWIT

  gengiscant 14:05 16 Sep 2010

Your welcome.

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