File recovery.

  yogibear 18:13 28 Feb 2005

I seem to have lost a large folder of photos of the kids birthdays, etc, from my PC. Is there a package I can use to restore them? I have tried irecover, but it takes days to get halfway through the process on my 200Gb HDD.

  octal 18:21 28 Feb 2005

I've been playing with this one at work today click here It works fine on floppies but 200G, phew, I still think that's goiing to take some time no matter what you use.

  VoG II 18:23 28 Feb 2005

Or click here run from a different drive (e.g. floppy).

  FelixTCat 18:45 28 Feb 2005

Are you sure it'd been deleted and not just "lost". Try Tree Size: click here This shows all the directories and their sizes on the disk - it might show where they are.

Ignore any messages about large drives - it is trying to sell an upgrade to the Pro version.

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