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  Mr. Chips 22:50 16 Dec 2007

I am a club secretary who is maintaining personal information on each of our members.
I have to email copies of my database to Club officers every month.
Under the data protection act I should not really do this in plain language(i.e. It should be protected by password)

Ideally I would like to ZIP the file with password protection.
Then send out the password by snailmail and the files by email.

Does anyone know of an application which will ZIP undewr pasSword protection.
Ideally it should be freeware, but if I have to pay, then so be it.
It must be easy to use or some of the officers will screw it up!

Any ideas please?

  PalaeoBill 23:08 16 Dec 2007
  Jak_1 05:02 17 Dec 2007

One of the best zip programs:

click here=

There are also encryption programs that can create a sda file (Self Decrypting Archive), no special software is required to open an sda file, just a passphrase that you give to the rcipient prior to sending the file.

  Mr. Chips 08:20 18 Dec 2007

I have down-loaded these , but find they don't work when using Vista.

Any other ideas please?

  Jak_1 11:55 18 Dec 2007

Winrar works with vista.

  Mr. Chips 12:27 18 Dec 2007

Jak_1 ... i must habve been doing something wrong then.

After the file has unpacked, I click on the exe file, and nothing happens!

  Jak_1 12:30 18 Dec 2007

Was password protetion added?

  Mr. Chips 12:43 18 Dec 2007

No, I didn't even get that far.
After I unpacked their downloaded ZIP file I couldn't get their executable to run. Vista just flickered a bit and then sat back and did nothing. I haven't gat as far as trying to zip anything.

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