brihew 19:09 18 Nov 2005

I have recently set up a Belkin Wireless Network using a ADSL high speed mode wireless G router and wireless G USB network adapter between two computers using XP SE on host and XP home on the other. Both can access the internet, however neither can file share and the client cannot use the printer. After consulting the help files on XP and giving them a crack it is still not working. In my network places the client computer shows up but a popup box tells me the client computer isnot accessible, I might not have permission to use it, and the network path was not found.

Any assistance greatfully received.

  brihew 19:24 18 Nov 2005

I should also add that when looking at the network places on the client there is no recognition of any network.

  Kegger 20:43 18 Nov 2005

Hi Brihew,
to allow file and print sharing you must then 'share' a file ie go to the 'C' drive of each PC and make a new folder on the new folder icon right clisk and half way down you will see a line saying 'sharing and security' left click and put a tick in the two boxes 'share this folder on network' and 'allow others to change files' you will the get a pop up box> select 'just allow file sharing' this will then allow the 2 x PC's to share between each other, to allow printer sharing on the PC that has the printer attached again right click and select sharing and then tick the box to 'allow sharing' job down Kegger

  brihew 21:11 18 Nov 2005

Kegger, thanks for your points. Unfortunately it didn't work. The client still won't pick up the host. Hopefully the setup just done will be useful for when they talk to each other.

  Kegger 21:16 18 Nov 2005

Ok back to basics go to Start>run and type in 'cmd' to open a dos window (do it with out quotation marks) then type in ipconfig /all and hit enter and write down all info do the same on the other other PC and post here. Kegger

  brihew 21:36 18 Nov 2005

Host - Windows IP ~Configuration
Host name: YOUR-21321D5675
Primary Dns suffix:
Node type: unknown
IP Routing enabled: No
WINS Proxy enabled: No

Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection
Connection specific DNS:
Description: VIA Rhine III Fast Ethernet Adapter
Physical Address: 00-13-D3-2B-08-D1
Dhcp Enabled: No
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default gateway:
DNS Servers:

Client Windows IP Configuration
Host name: YOUR-612f1c6f41
Primary DNS suffix:
Node type: Mixed
IP Routing enabled: Yes
WINS Proxy enabled: No

Ethernet Adapter Local Area Network
Media state: media disconnected
Description: Realtek RTL8139/810 x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
Physical address: 00-E0-4C-77-00-0F

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network connection
Connection specific DNS suffix:
Description: Belkin High-speed Mode Wireless G USB Network adapter
Physical address:00-11-50-7D-B9-20
Dhcp enabled: No
IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:
DNS Servers:

  Kegger 21:46 18 Nov 2005

Good so far..... all you equipment is in the same ip range (192.158.2.X) you now have to make sure that both pc'S are in the same workgroup. to do this right click on 'My Computer then select 'properties' and then select 'computer name' and ensure they have the same 'workgroup name' post back that everthing is OK. Kegger

  brihew 21:48 18 Nov 2005

Both have same workgroup name

  Kegger 21:50 18 Nov 2005

OK still good.... do you have a shared folder on each PC? Kegger

  brihew 21:51 18 Nov 2005

Yes both PCs have one with same name

  Kegger 21:57 18 Nov 2005

Ok try doing a search for the PC by ip address ie from PC1 search for and vice versa for the main pc and let me know whether they see each other. you might have to add a different protocal but we will come to that later.kegger

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