File placed on my desktop

  grayfox511 16:20 20 Jun 2003

I am running Windows 98 SE with all updates, behind a Zonealarm firewall and connected to the Internet by broadband. From time to time an icon appears on my desktop entitled ~ and contaning a fair amount of machine code (when opened in Wordpad).
What is this?
I keep deleting it.
The machine appears to be quite cranky.
It's chip is an Athlon K7 600. There are 384 megs of RAM. The disk appears to get fragmented easily and the unit requires a lot of maintenance to keep it running smoothly.
Any adivce very welcome!

  Jester2K II 16:22 20 Jun 2003

an icon appears on my desktop entitled ~ and containing a fair amount of machine code (when opened in Wordpad -

How do you know if it is machine code? If its just a load of random characters then it could be anything not necessarily machine code. Jpg files look like that when viewed in word pad. What does the icon look like? Is there a title / name?

  Andybear 16:24 20 Jun 2003

There have been a lot of threads about this - it happens to a lot of people, including me - I've had it loads of times. It's to do with Outlook Express and is perfectly safe to delete. If it appears again, just delete it again. It's annoying but doesn't appear to be doing any harm. Hopefully Microsoft will one day make a patch for it.

  grayfox511 10:38 21 Jun 2003

Thanks Andybear!

  -pops- 10:42 21 Jun 2003

It's a minor bug introduced via one of the XP updates (possibly other updates as well) which appears each time an entry is made in your address book. You don't necessarily have to physically enter the address into the book, the act of replying to an email does this for you.

As has been said, it is quite safe to delete.


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