File Opening in Office

  pompeyfc 22:30 27 Apr 2003

When I open an Office file I get one of the following up each time:

In Word - (File name).doc is being used by xxxxx xxxxx.. Do you want to make a copy.

In Excel - A document with the name (Name).xls is already open. You cannot open two documents with the same name, even if the documents are in different folders. To open the second document, either close the document that's currently open, or rename one of the documents.

Any ideas?

  barn 00:53 28 Apr 2003

Uninstall both Word and Excel. Make sure you have a copy of the documents. If they don't load after reinstall you need someone more clever. This worked for me when I realised it wouldn't load anything.

  hellred 08:54 28 Apr 2003

You are acsessing a server and opening a shared doc, just imagine the problems that could cause if every user could alter the doc and save over the existing file. So, the way to do this is to open the file read only and save a local copy with a slightly different name on your PC. Now you can change the file. Alternitivly you can change the properties on the shared file on the server, with the owners permission.

  pompeyfc 18:51 28 Apr 2003

Thanks for the responses. Firstly, the computer in question is a portable and not connected in any way to a network and secondly, in this instance, I am convinced that it would be a massive coincidence if both Excel and Word were corrupted. However, it is possible that a common file might be to blame, hence my original question.

  Taran 20:11 28 Apr 2003

Which version of office are you running and have you run a recent scan for virus infection ?

Two interim options spring to mind as a system test more than anything else.

1. Browse to one of the offending files, right click on it and select open. See what happens and check if you get the same errors that you detailed above.

2. Right click on your desktop and select New, Microsoft Word Document. Name it 1.doc and click off it to deselect after renaming. Right click on your desktop a second time and create another Word document and name it 2.doc

Now right click on 1.doc and select Open, type some text into it and save then close it, assuming of course that you get no issues or errors.

Now right click on 2.doc and select Open. Click on Insert, scroll down to File and click it, then browse to 1.doc, click on it once and then click the Insert button. See if the text from 1.doc appears in the open 2.doc file.

Get back to me with the results.



  Taran 20:13 28 Apr 2003

I forgot to include that if the above steps go without a hitch, try double clicking on one of the offending files and opening it to verify that you still get the same errors as you first posted.


  Taran 20:27 28 Apr 2003

If you can't be bothered with the above, try these links which will help you re-register your Office files on your system.

click here

click here



  Happy1 22:59 28 Apr 2003

Could be the Ganda worm virus which knocks out word files. Viruses easily enter office files without AV protection.and possibly Firewall needed.

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