File number limit on SD cards?

  stlucia 12:14 20 Dec 2009

I'm using a 1.0GB SD card for music on MP3 player. I rip the tracks on my PC, or convert them from vinyl using Audacity, and then drag and drop them onto my SC card using Windows Explorer.

Explorer is showing my card is less than half full, with 556MB free, but when I try to drag and drop any more files I get an error message "Cannot copy [file name]: The directory or file cannot be created".

I get the same message if I try to create a new directory on the SD card.

Any idea what's wrong please? I've got about 150 tracks on the card at the moment -- is there a limit to the number, irrespective of the total size?

  Fingees 12:26 20 Dec 2009

There is a limit to the number of files you can place in the root directory.

However you can create folders to put them in, as there is no limit to the number in folders.

Somebody said make sure you format in fat32, not fat 16, would have no problem, but I'm not sure

  Fingees 12:27 20 Dec 2009

You should also limit titles to 8 or less letters.

  bremner 17:36 20 Dec 2009

FAT32 has a maximum of 268,435,437 files and an individual directory can contain up to 65535 files.

The reason for not using longfile names is that they will take up more than one file entry.

  stlucia 22:10 20 Dec 2009

So, it seems like 150 files shouldn't be a problem, even with long file names?

If I click on "Properties" in Windows Explorer, it says the file system is "RAW". Would that be the problem? All my hard disks are NTFS.

  User-312386 22:53 20 Dec 2009

A RAW simply a disk partition that has not been
formatted with an NT file system, neither FAT nor NTFS. You need to format the drive into FAT32 with a format

  stlucia 08:27 21 Dec 2009

OK, I formatted it in FAT format, but then my Palm can't read it. I then formatted it in my Palm, but my PC now is unable to format it :-(

I suspect I might be going about things the wrong way: The object is to play MP3 files on my Palm, but maybe I have to format the card in my Palm and then leave it in the Palm and download the files onto it by cable connection.

  bremner 08:48 21 Dec 2009
  stlucia 11:09 21 Dec 2009

Thanks for the link, bremner. It seems to confirm that dragging and dropping my MP3 files onto the card using my PC is okay, but it says nothing about what format the card should be in.

I've currently got the card with no files on it, formatted in my Palm, and accepted by my Palm. But when I put it into my PC and click on the appropriate drive letter, Windows Explorer tells me to "Insert disk".

  bremner 13:30 21 Dec 2009

Have you installed the Palm software onto your computer.

I have no trouble with my wifes TX when viewing the Palm file system through their software.

  stlucia 16:32 21 Dec 2009

I've got Palm Desktop on my PC, but that doesn't seem to have any facility for transferring music files -- probably because the MP3 player I'm using on my Palm is 3rd-party software (Pocket Tunes).

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