File not Supported

  swanny2 20:28 22 Dec 2005

hi there ive tryed too burn a song onto a cd but when i get so far,it says File Formatt not Supported.What does this mean runnin win xp an i was using nero start smart . im new too this king of thing,but would like too copy a song onto cd for my wife .any help appreciated..
Swanny. :O)

  stalion 20:30 22 Dec 2005

What is the format?

  swanny2 21:16 22 Dec 2005

dunno mate was a song in my playlist i wanted . as i say i dont have a clue.then that popped up format not supported.

Swanny .

  stalion 21:20 22 Dec 2005

right click on the file and select properties and see is it tells you the file extension

  swanny2 21:29 22 Dec 2005

hmm just says title CDtext

  swanny2 21:33 22 Dec 2005

oh it says it s a m3u file ?

  De Marcus™ 23:05 22 Dec 2005

That's a media queue format, also known as a playlist. Which leads me to believe your clicking on the playlist entry and not the actual song in question. Where did the song come from, was it a download, from a cd, some other source, it'll help determine where the actual song file is and thus aid in the burning of it to cd for the wife.

  swanny2 16:34 23 Dec 2005

ta mate it was from limewire . but im not sure where too place the song once its downloaded or how too.its in limewire now.

Swanny :O)

  De Marcus™ 16:48 23 Dec 2005

Sorry swanny2, I can't help further.

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