file missing when trying to reinstall vista

  kartesian 15:12 14 Feb 2011

I have a laptop that won't boot. After several tries at a repair I decided to use the repair cd/dvd and go for a clean new install.

It has gone through most of the delete of the os and data etc but when it comes to install the new clean os it says it cannot as some of the files are missing or corrupt.

I'm guessing these are files on the 'hidden' partition.

I have taken the hard drive out of the laptop and connected it to my other laptop. The partitions are recognisewd and I can save files to them.

My question is this; can I copy the files from the hidden partition of my working laptop to the hidden partition of the non-working laptop and try and run the re-install again?

They are both legitimate copies of vista with separate product codes but I don't have a vista os dvd.

Thanks in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:18 14 Feb 2011

"can I copy the files from the hidden partition of my working laptop to the hidden partition of the non-working laptop and try and run the re-install again?"

Can you see the files on the partitions?
Are they both the same make and model of laptop?
They could well be Image files rather than Vista files

  kartesian 16:23 14 Feb 2011

They are not the same make and model of laptop.

I'll post later when I am in from the day job!


  kartesian 23:08 14 Feb 2011

If I use partition manager I can see a partition labelled winRE on the hdd from the unusable laptop and a partition labelled REC from the usable laptop.

I cannot see either partition in explorer.

Is there anyway of copying the files to cd/dvd?


  ashdav 01:38 15 Feb 2011

You can use partion manager to copy the files to a memory stick then use that in Windows to burn to a CD/DVD but how you access those files during a reinstall/recovery I don't know.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:30 15 Feb 2011

WinRE click here

"When installed on the same partition as another Windows operating system, such as Windows Vista, Windows Recovery Environment can be accessed by pressing F8 while the computer is booting."

how to install winre click here

How to Hide / undie parttion so you can copy files click here

  kartesian 22:21 15 Feb 2011

thanks for your answers guys.

I have tried again with the recovery disk after running chkdsk on the hard drive.

It runs through the installation copying files, extracting files, installing updates and finishing the installation but when it restarts the file it says is missing is CLFS.SYS.

I've googled it and it does seem essential in the boot process.

Anyone come across this before? Can I download it?
where do I install it?


  ashdav 01:04 16 Feb 2011

The only route I can think of is your original idea of replacing the corrupt/missing files with ones from an intact copy (the other laptop).
The best way to do this would be outside of the Windows environment by booting from a Linux live CD.
Personally I would use Parted Magic click here for this.
Copy the files you want to a memory stick then replace on the corrupt computer.

  ashdav 01:07 16 Feb 2011

For reference and location of the file in question click here

  kartesian 17:32 16 Feb 2011

Thanks again for the answers.

It will take me a couple of days to work on this but I will be back!!

  kartesian 00:05 17 Feb 2011

I copied the CLFS.SYS file from my working laptop to the hard drive of the unbootable laptop and after a couple of false dawns with the recovery dvd, bingo, it runs through the install and recovers previous system files and I've now got a fresh install on the unusable laptop!!

Thanks for all your posts guys.

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