File is mising or corrupt

  Picard323 12:45 31 Dec 2005

My problem is I've replaced a dead motherboard for a mate but after installing xp when I reboot I get the folowing message:
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows etup using the orginal setup cdrom.
Select 'R' at the first screen to start repair.
I've done this several times putting in fixboot it works but on switching off it comes up again on restart. Am I doing the correct repair or is it my moterboard? I have changed the hard drive twice and get the same results.
Spec is:
Asus A7v400-mx se-eaykz
cpu- xp athlon 1800
256mb ram DDR400
128mb ati 9250 graphics card.

Bios shows the processor correct running at 266.

Any help much appreciated! Mate wold like his comp back asap.


'Make It So!'

  GuZ><0r 12:47 31 Dec 2005

Try the ultimate boot cd click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:42 31 Dec 2005

To resolve this error, you need to use the Recovery Console (RC) to replace the ntfs.sys file by performing the following steps:

1. Insert the XP installation CD-ROM and reboot your machine.
2. When the installation menu appears, press the R key to start an Recovery Consul session.
3. When prompted, select the installation and enter the Administrator password.
4. At the console, navigate to the system32\drivers folder, assuming your Windows folder is called "windows," by typing

cd \windows\system32\drivers

5. Rename the current ntfs.sys file by typing

ren ntfs.sys ntfs.bad

6. Copy the ntfs.sys file from your installation CD-ROM to your current location by tying

copy <drive letter>:\i386\ntfs.sys .

Be sure you include the period at the end of the command to instruct your system to use the current location.
7. Remove the XP installation CD-ROM, then restart your machine.

  Picard323 15:44 31 Dec 2005

Thanks Fruit Bat have tried that out. Its booted into windows now. Will now power off and try it again in a few minutes to see if it's cured the problem.
Once again Thanks.


'Make It So!'

  Picard323 17:54 01 Jan 2006

Having tried FruitBat's solution it still came up with the same error after a few hours shut down. I'm in the process of using the harddrive in another comp to see if it keeps Xp on it without this error to see if they aren't the problem. I'm thinking it's the motherboard but will let you know if it is either way.


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  gudgulf 18:21 01 Jan 2006

Check the RAM modules are seated correctly.

Read through this click here

It's rather long,but RAM memory is mentioned as a major culprit for this problem.

If the memory is seated correctly check that it is compatible with the new motherboard......try a different memory stick if you can.

  bremner 18:26 01 Jan 2006

You will probably find the hard drive will fail to boot on the other computer as XP "ties" itself to the motherboard on which it has been installed.

  Picard323 01:01 02 Jan 2006

gudgulf, I have changed my memory for another one all seems to be ok, but will retry the comp later on this morning to see if it's cured it for good. Thanks for the link, interesting read.
If all ok I will tick the resolved box.


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  Picard323 13:47 02 Jan 2006

Everything seems to be working ok no problems at start up. My mate will be pleased He can have his comp back. Thanks to everyone that helped.


'Make It So!'

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