File Encryption

  WightRob 14:24 08 Nov 2008

Can anyone recommend a free file encryption utility that will work with pdf files so I can send sensitive attachments via email?
Ideally the recipient would not need to install the program so the files should be unencryptable by using only the password.
It should also work with both XP and Vista.
Kruptos2 seems to fit the bill but I am not sure that is supports Vista.

  rawprawn 15:05 08 Nov 2008

I think this should suit your purpose
click here
As long as the recipient of your email has this program and the password

  WightRob 08:41 09 Nov 2008

Thanks rawprawn but I was really looking for something that would not need to be installed on the recipients machine Does anyone know if PGP works this way?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:03 09 Nov 2008

No PGP needs to be installed on both machines

  WightRob 10:21 09 Nov 2008

Thanks, Fruit Bat.
I was coming to that conclusion myself after checking out the PGP website.
I notice that Windows Mail has an encryption option. When I selected it, I got a message to say that I did not have a Digital ID. Any idea on how to set this up and if it can be easily un-encrypted at the other end?
Another possibility may be to Zip the files using Windows Zip, can I put a password on the zipped file?

  rawprawn 10:32 09 Nov 2008

7 Zip should solve your problem, you can password protect it and as long as your recipient knows the password you should be OK.
click here

  Belatucadrus 11:04 09 Nov 2008

Axcrypt doesn't need to be installed on both machines, for sending to non axcrypt equipped machines, you select "encrypt copy to.exe" this creates an encrypted copy of your document in self opening executable format,all they need is the password.

  WightRob 11:33 09 Nov 2008

OK people, Thanks for the information. That should give me enough to go on.

  mfletch 12:33 09 Nov 2008

When you send a encrypted file by email you may find that the receiver cannot open it {windows will block it} you have to right click on the attachment and save it to your documents then extract the file then use the password to open it,

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