File copying has just got difficult - why is that?

  jack 17:56 25 Oct 2007

A CD with many JPEG files on.
Am copying them to folder on the Hard drive in preparation of making a slide shop - printing off thumbnails etc.
Normally this is apinless task eith select all copy and then paste to the appropriate folder or open both CD and Folder and select and drag- same difference they go over.
Not today they aint.
A few went then I got 'Cannot copy DSSxxxx not date on the Tape'
Tape what tape there no tape
Or Even cannot copy DOS error.
I thought I've goo much else going on.
So I rebooted , no programs runninh, just plain copying
Still it errored as above
I reduce th number of files I moved
May copy on perhaps two then error.
The Files are Digi Cam JPEGS appeently from two cameras one BATCH ARE dsc NO.XXXX at 1.5 Mb each
The 2nd batch are EDSC xxxxx at 2.93 Mb each
The Dsic displays thumbnail on the desktop and in PSP10 OK so the disk appears OK
Eventually I am down to one at a time.
Whats Going on - or not?

  brundle 20:31 25 Oct 2007

Try Ycopy; click here

  lotvic 21:48 25 Oct 2007

try emptying your Temp folder
Start > Run > %temp%

  jack 11:40 26 Oct 2007

Thank you both will try that when I resume the task to-day.
Meanwhile yesterday the machine ground to a halt and froze- did a F8 - last known- start, that got it back crippled still with the the screen background trashed with lumps missing. Going enough though to get to Sys Restore. Went to bed left it sorting itself out.

Thinking - is there a nasty on the disk I have been working on[ some ones else's disk- a job I am doing]?
Starting up this morning, AVG came up saying 'I am broken mend me' The update came in and load masses of stuff and did a system scan - eventually reporting all is well.
So I did an AVG scan of the CD
It reported 'Clean'
All is well now I think - I hope we shall see as the day progresses.

  jack 20:37 26 Oct 2007

Having got the machine back on an even keel
I attempted to copy that second batch of files
EDSCs at 2,93 Mb
The machine still baulked at taking these.
An mow looking for a CD examination program to See if it can detect any anomaly

  jack 08:37 27 Oct 2007

This last batch of files I managed to get off with Bad-Copy Pro
They are all pretty well corrupted with some only a few lines on, others appear to be two images combined.
I may be able to make sense of some of them.
The puzzle remains - how did the corrupt?
In the camera or in the copying process
This is a disk passed tome by the photographer for further work.
And why did it affect the computer?
[The disk kept running - caused problems with copying off and the only way to extract the disk was to shut down the computer and open the drawer at POST.

Aint Computering fun?

  jack 15:03 27 Oct 2007

Iso Buster and Bad Copy pro managed a selection of to above mentioned corrupted files but not all of the.
Some of those rescued appeared to be two images combined
Does any one remember getting prints from film back from the processor like that- where perhaps the film did not wind on properly?
The two images sort of flowed into each other.
What sort of fault would cause that.?

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