File converter .mmf to .mp3 .wav etc

  badgermansix 18:51 23 Nov 2011

Can anyone recommend a free/shareware file converter please? I want to convert one file (.mmf) to .aac .mpe .wav etc. tia

  csqwared 18:58 23 Nov 2011

Try looking here Music software Xilisoft Audio Converter seems to fit the bill although no experience of it.

  swapper 17:19 24 Nov 2011

Thanks csqwared, I did try this but it does not seem to recognise .mmf.

Thanks for responding

  lotvic 19:23 24 Nov 2011

This online converter might do it

  tonyq 21:41 24 Nov 2011

Freemake Audio Converter should do it.

  lotvic 22:03 24 Nov 2011

tonyq, darn those 2 _ underscores that turn text into italics....

Here's your link freeaudioconverter

  tonyq 08:25 25 Nov 2011

lotvic, please explain, darn those 2 _ underscores that turn text into italics.... for future posting.

  lotvic 18:45 25 Nov 2011

tonyq, If you use two underscores the text between them is changed to italics instead of displaying as you intended with the underscores showing. It means that when you paste a link in with them it then doesn't work as a link.

Try it out and look in the preview box below.

  tonyq 19:38 25 Nov 2011

lotvic,thank you for the advice, but I don't seem able to make it show up italics in the preview box .

  tonyq 19:53 25 Nov 2011

lotvic, I finally managed to do it . Sorry badgermansix for hogging your thread but it's nice to learn these things. Having said that I will probably forget the next time it happens.

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