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  harps1h 23:18 08 Jul 2004

can someone direct me to a utility which can convert windows movie media file to mpeg files as i would like to use it to edit some basic haome movies.
i have presto video works which came with the dv video camera, but it seems to want to put them as an avi file.

any advice out there

  THE TERMINATOR 23:36 08 Jul 2004
  The PC Doctor 23:37 08 Jul 2004

do an internet search and you will probaly find some software out there which will do the job.

I would suggest you may find something to convert avi files to mpeg files easier than your wmp files.

if you still can't find anything post back and I'll sort something out for you

  GroupFC 00:21 09 Jul 2004

You could have a trawl through click here or alternatively have a look at some of these pages click here

  GroupFC 00:31 09 Jul 2004

Having re-read the question I'm not to sure what you are trying to do! I have presto videoworks too but I must admit I only use it for video capture (which is in .avi format). I then use windows moviemaker2 to edit the raw footage and then when the project is finished, I produce into the approriate format (such as .avi or .wmv) depending on what I am going to do with the finished film!

  harps1h 07:49 09 Jul 2004

what i want to do is to be able to put the files in a format that my home dvd player will be able to play them.

  GroupFC 09:43 09 Jul 2004

Ok but cant't you do this in videoworks?

When I open an .avi file in videoworks and go to file > save as this opens a dialogue box and then click on "save as type" this has a number of options (.avi, .avi PAL, .avi NTSC, MPEG1, MPEG1 PAL, MPEG1 NTSC, .wmv).

Is this footage that you have already captured and edited and saved as a .wmv file that you now want to burn onto CD/DVD to play in your DVD player?

I am very much a novice at this giving advice business - so please bear with me! - If you spell out what you have done and where you want end up maybe some one else will jump in and help me out!

  TomJerry 10:51 09 Jul 2004

e.g. Ulead Videostudio, Pinnacle Studio etc.

  stlucia 12:49 09 Jul 2004

If you have a DVD burner, your burning software might already be able to create DVDs from 'raw' .avi video files.

I download .avi video from my camera using Pinnacle, and also edit it and create MPEG2 files using Pinnacle. I then create a DVD using Roxio, but I'm sure I've seen in its menus options to do everything from downloading the raw data.

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