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  Les 18:04 07 Feb 2007

My neighbour has just bought a refurbished HP computer. I have copied the personal files across from his laptop to this computer via a Flash Drive.

One particular set of data files with the extension .ttp were copied onto the flash drive. On installing from the flash drive to the new computer I was amazed to see that these data files, instead of the icon alongside the filenames bearing the customary shield the icons were POWERDVD icons and this was before any attempt to actually transfer them. Looking into his Explorer showed me that the company had installed PowerDvd along with his new DVD writer. Right Clicking on one of his data files allowed me to have a look at the file associations and there I found that the recommended program was PowerDVD - I can only assume that POWERDVD file extenions must be similar. Entering the correct program to use ended up with, when you tried to open the data file by means of the 'Open with' method resulted in the choice between PowerDVD and the correct program.

My neighbour then decided to delete PowerDvd from his computer - this removed the choice of course.

Now the files open using the correct program but the icons remain as PowerDVD and stating that the file is in fact an MPEG file - of course, it isn't.

This is first time I have seen this happen, My neighbour nearly had kittens on the spot when he saw these icons and PowerDVD came up every time he tried to open one - he is still concerned about the icon being incorrect despite seeing his files now opening.

The files on the flash drive do, when in the laptop, show the correct icon - shifting it to the new computer shows MPEG PowerDVD icons making it look as though his files had gone - they hadn't - how could they - he took a hell of a lot of convincing that it just couldn't happen.

Anyone have an idea why the normal icons disappeared on transfer to the new computer - would I be correct in thinking that the icons are added when the file extension is read on bringing up Explorer? If this is so, then why did the same MPEG icons appear after correcting the association type?

  VoG II 18:14 07 Feb 2007

Are you sure that the extension was .TTP?

  Les 20:16 07 Feb 2007

First, thanks for the reply

No, I'm not absolutely certain, going solely on the message within the correct icon, namely a "TP file".

The program is a Tennis Tournament program called TTP (Tennis Tournament Planner) - obviously I could be wrong with the extension as Explorer doesn't normally show the extensions does it - but can it? I think that it must - I'll have a look see on my own computer to see.

The explanation I gave is the only one I can think of which could, possibly, have resulted in the files being 'seen' by the computer as MPEGs.

He'll be away for the next two days so I won't be able to find if the extension is true or not.

  VoG II 20:25 07 Feb 2007

I would reinstall the Tennis program - that should fix the file association and restore the correct icon.

  Les 20:31 07 Feb 2007

Thanks. I'll try that. There is a possibility that it will work, ie:- PowerDVD was on the new computer when the Planner was installed from the 'dongle' - now that PowerDvD has been unloaded from the new computer perhaps, as you say, a reload of the Planner could well work. Thanks again, much appreciated (by me, if not him!)

  Les 21:55 07 Feb 2007

Caught him directly after your last message, only to find that he had already sorted the problem.

I asked him what he had done, for whatever it was it would have to be accidental<g>.

This is what he told me.....

"I went into the folder containing the files and copied them on to the desktop - the icons changed to the shield (normal icom - a red shield on a white background)".

I looked in the folder - the icons in there had altered too - all is now as it should be. So, once again he's a happy man.

While I was there I checked his OS (XP Pro) and, much to my surprise, he now has a genuine copy, with SP2 and he now has all available updates too - wonders will never cease 8-))

Thanks again

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