Fibre washers - Yes or No

  Matthew-231702 18:54 02 Oct 2003

I'm just about to build a new PC. I've built several in the past, no problem. I've always used fibre washers, to put under the mobo mounting screws, as an original company bought PC had them. I've now run out of washers. Do I need them? What would happen if I didn't use them? All parts for new comp are brand new. I'm looking for a definative answer, as a search of the internet reveals conflicting results. Thanks

  Rayuk 18:58 02 Oct 2003

If i had any handy I used them if not carried on without never any problems.Peace of mind I supppose.

  Gongoozler 19:34 02 Oct 2003

AeronautM, if there is any risk of any of the motherboard circuit tracks touching any of the case metalwork or screw heads then you need to use fibre washers. If the metalwork only touches the metalised mounting areas on the motherboard you should be ok. I have only ever use the fibre washers when I thought there was short circuit risk and have not had any problems with about 10 computer builds.

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