chippy+ 16:32 14 Mar 2011

hi i know this is not a pc question but could someone tell me if fiberglass resin is ok to repair a moulded log effect fire part whch is starting to break with the heat of the lamps thanks Chippy

  woodchip 16:38 14 Mar 2011

Yes that is what they normally are made of

  chippy+ 19:00 14 Mar 2011

Hi woodchip
thanks for your reply it was because of the heat from the 3 40w candle lamps i would like to put the mesh underneath and then coat it with the resin so i could fill and paint the small breaks that have appeared through the years belling don't supply the part by itself i would have to buy the whole inner section £100 .thanks again

  Strawballs 19:26 14 Mar 2011

When you say mesh do you mean the glass mesh (Chop strand matt or woven roven) or a metal mesh? If metal mesh I would advise against that as it will hold the heat.

  uk-wizard 19:31 14 Mar 2011

As long as you dont try it with a gas fired artifical log effect fire!

  stlucia2 19:39 14 Mar 2011

I'm surprised to hear that they're made of fibreglass, for resin softens if it's heated.

  Nontek 20:29 14 Mar 2011

When mixed with glass mesh, heat initially hardens the end product. I used to make lots of canoes with this material, these were kept for a while in a hot oven-like environment for a great finish.

  Strawballs 20:37 14 Mar 2011

We used to wrap the legs of oilrigs with a woven cloth and resin which was to make them last longer before they collapsed in a fire.

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