FF3.5 - What Do You Use Tab Tearing For?

  SimpleSimon1 15:34 06 Sep 2009

The title says it all. I might be living up to my username but why would anyone want to tear tabs to new windows and thus create extra processes?

I thought the whole idea of tabs was to cut down on the profusion of windows that IE used to inflict on us.

  Sea Urchin 15:43 06 Sep 2009
  SimpleSimon1 15:55 06 Sep 2009

Thanks SeaUrchin but I'd already seen that. It tells me what tab-tearing is but not why I'd want it (other than the nebulous comment about "providing a more intuitive way to organize your web browsing.").

I guess I'm asking what's more intuitive about creating extra windows when tabs were designed to do away with the need for them!

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