A few questions regarding new build

  Ayup_Tyke 23:33 02 Dec 2005

I am not an Absolute beginner but I thought this is the best place to post as they maybe a simple questions. I have upgraded my PC The Mobo is AsRock K8Upgrade-VM800 1.00 and I have 512mhz DDR RAM (not sure but thought I purchased PC3200)

1. Why does my mobo say 800mhz FSB and my system only say 200mhz
2. Belarc states '1.60 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64' when AMD CPUinfo states 'Sempron 2800+'. Which is right? (I thought I purchased the Sempron)
3. I have noticed the Athlon have different names i.e. - Barton, does the Sempron have names and how do I find it
4. I use to have an Athlon 900mhz with 256mhz RAM, I have not noticed a large increase in speed (CD/dvd burning etc) Any ideas why?

Sorry for all the questions in one go, but it saves muliti posts
Thanks in advance

  gizzyx 01:37 03 Dec 2005

q1. pc3200 memory runs at 400mhz (3200/8 chips on the module=400).the memory will only run up to its rated speed regardless of system fsb. ie in a 400mhz fsb system, pc3200 memory will run at 400 mhz. in a 800 mhz system it will still run at 400 mhz. in a 333 mhz system it will run at 333 mhz.
q3. for more info click here

  Skyver 04:21 03 Dec 2005

You won't see an improvement in DVD or CD burning unless you buy a drive that writes/burns faster, CPU speed has no effect on that.

  Ayup_Tyke 09:52 03 Dec 2005

gizzyx - thanks for the link, but it does not explain why my system is not showing 400mhz (I checked and I do have PC3200 RAM).

Skyver - Sorry but I forgot to say that I am still having to burn @ x2 not max speed to ensure burn does not stop. I thought with the new set-up it would improve

  Diodorus Siculus 10:00 03 Dec 2005

The burning problem could be to do with the CD hardware - what drive do you have?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 03 Dec 2005

Belarc may be in accurate try Everest Home Edition click here

  ade.h 16:04 03 Dec 2005

And the CDs that you've used. I tried some 24x CD-RWs a while back that insisted on writing at 4x. Whether this was faulty discs or an incompatability with my CD-writer, I'm not certain. It does happen sometimes. If your drive is more than a few months old, I would suggest a firmware update. That helped with mine.

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