A Few Questions On Ram

  suburban train 22:23 06 Jan 2003
  suburban train 22:23 06 Jan 2003

I was just having a look at crucial.com about upgrading my packard bell club 69 computer.

On the web site is states that the maximum memory it can handle is 512MB.

There are two slots for the RAM slots.

What happens if i put two 512MB slots of RAM in the computer resulting in 1024MB of RAM. Will the motherboard blow something bad like that happen?

Also whats the difference between PC133 and PC100 RAM

  DieSse 22:27 06 Jan 2003

I can't see any point in you even trying to put 2 x 512Mb into the board - it clearly states it doesn't support it, so what would you acheive - wasted cash!!

PC133 is faster than PC100 - as long as you can run it at 133MHz - if you can only run it at 100MHz, then that's what it operates at.

  jazzypop 22:29 06 Jan 2003

click here - difference between pc100 and pc133

  woodchip 22:35 06 Jan 2003

Also if you run Win98 or WinME then 256Mb is all it can work with. you would need a different memory manager like CasheMan otherwise you would have problems

  suburban train 22:35 06 Jan 2003

sorry for sounding thick but whats a front side bus? which Memory is right for my processor is a Intel celeron 433Mhz

  crx16 22:44 06 Jan 2003

windows 98/ME can handle upto 512mb.click here

  DieSse 22:51 06 Jan 2003

A Celeron 433MHz has a 66MHz FSB - thus you motherboard will be running memory at PC66 speeds.

Whatever speed memory you put in it, it will still run at PC66 speed.

  suburban train 22:54 06 Jan 2003

will the PC100 and PC133 still work together.

How did you get that info cheers

  DieSse 23:00 06 Jan 2003

click here

Went to the Intel site - did a search on Celeron 433, picked out the approprate document.

PC100 and PC133 usually work together, but there is no guarantee. Mixing any different types, makes or speeds of RAM is a slightly hit-and-miss affair, unfortuately.

For the best chance of minimum problems, buy all new, matching memory. Buy only 1st grade memory, not 3rd, or OEM grade. Crucial seems to be hghly regarded and gives good service if you have problems.

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