A few questions on networking... (cisco)

  Gaz 25 13:27 04 Aug 2005

Hi guys,

Just wondering if any of you can clear up some little things that I'm confused with.

First of all, I have been taught as part of the CCNP course, that you should always set your switches (managed layer 2/3), routers, etc as a different subnet to your computers, to avoid anyone gaining access to the router/switch admin console.

Also, as an additional step - if it's not required turn any remote administration off, and confiure using a rollover cable.

Ok, ok... seems to make sense.. but how can routing and switching gear be on a different subnet, because then they aren't going to communicate at all with the rest of the network, so what exactly is my tutor on about?

Also, although I can do basic subnetting now - I'm struggling with the harder stuff, contained in the CCNP. Does any one have any experience with subnetting and can give any advice on this? It's really confusing. I've seen my tutor about it, but when I check my answers with a subnet calc it doesnt work out.

My steps are:

Find how many PC's are required to be on the network.

See how many bits I need to borrow, to give me that amount of slots for PC's. plus some expansion, etc

Then, use the amount of bits borrowed to work out the subnet.

It still doesnt work right, am I missing something?

Also, Vlans and Trunking. Everything seems ok, I understand it and have it set-up at home too, but... the problem is - VLAN tagging.

I'm confused.

One min, cisco says to use VLAN tagging but then says this reduces performance, so dont use it... and then goes into all other technologies.

Oh well, if any of you can shed any light - that would be great!


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