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  blurdevil 15:56 05 May 2005

Just wondering could u turn a Win XP machine into a web server ... as in running a web server and a win xp ... planing to run a personal web hosting from my computer and as the same time running win xp to do my other work ... ? is there any tutorial for it ?

how to compile a PHP scripting ... i was planing to create a PHP signature for the forum , but den when i save the file as a PHP scripting , i open browser and preview it , it come out all the codings instead of the image i was hoping to get ? any nice easy plain english tutorials ?

Thankz a lot of spending ur time reading my questions and solving it ... thankz

  octal 16:05 05 May 2005

Just personal opinion. I would get a separate machine for your web server and put one of the Linux servers on it. My version of Linux has the server software as standard, as does probably all the other versions, plus its a much more stable platform for that application.

  blurdevil 16:20 05 May 2005

But than again , i invested a lot of my money on my current machine ... and i was hoping to learn something else new before i realli invest my cash into another machine ...

  octal 16:24 05 May 2005

As I say, just a personal opinion, I expect others will have other ideas, good luck whichever route you try, it sounds an interesting project.

  Indigo 1 17:09 05 May 2005

octal is right.

You can run it as a server and still use it for work and stuff but when you want to update any applications or do any maintenance, you will have to shut it down and re-boot. This of course will mean that the server connection will be broken and will have to be re-started and would probably cause greif to anyone who was logged on or downloading at that time.

It is much better to have a simple setup for a server with only those programs necessary for that task.

  blurdevil 18:03 05 May 2005

Indigo ... can u teach me a way how to do it ?

Well , i was planing to use it as my personal use ... didnt plan to make it commercial yet ... I just want to take the hard way as i learn more things as it goes ... there is a easy way as just set up a server ... and from there i might not noe in the future what problem it gonna happen ... so if i take it the hard way ... at least i know how the server works front and back ...

  Indigo 1 18:57 05 May 2005

Try this for a start click here and click here

  octal 19:01 05 May 2005

If you don't mind me saying so, but you've got a hard long road ahead of you. I'm not trying to discourage you, but before you do anything I think you would do well to purchase a book on the subject, a book like this will give you some insight into what is involved in setting up a web server:

click here

Have a look in your local Smith's bookshop they've got shedloads of books on the subject, as does Amazon books on line.

I don't think it could be covered on a forum like this which is basically a help forum for computer problems, rather than a tutorial base. To give you some idea, that book in my link covers 250 pages, and that is just for starters.

If I may give a bit of advice, have a go at the PHP scripting to start with, you'll have your work cut out learning that.

Then set up a web page and buy yourself a domain name and get someone to host it for you for the time being, just to see how things work. Later when you feeling you want to have a go at setting up a server you will have a grip on how things work.

I do wish you luck with it, I'd love to have a go myself, but I just don't have the experience, even after 20 years "playing" with computers, to set up a web server and run it.

  blurdevil 03:21 06 May 2005

thanks a lot guyz ...

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