a few problems

  mattoman 16:38 27 Jun 2009

hey guys,
well I've decided its time to update my aging computer. I want to add more RAM and a better graphics card, largely because I really want the Sims 3!
There appears to be a few different names for my computer. The front says it's a microstar but on the back it says it is a Medion PC MT5 MED MT 166.

The first problem is the side panel won't come off. There are two screws that appear to be holding it in place and after removing these it still won't budge.
The second problem is that I'm not sure what type of RAM and graphics card my computer will actually take.

sorry for all the questions, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  howard64 16:58 27 Jun 2009

first log into crucial.com/uk and run the memmory scanner. This will tell you what you have and what is available. As for getting the side off - having removed the screws try a flat bladed screwdriver between the case and the side panel and gently prise it apart.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 27 Jun 2009

Desktop Medion PC MT5 MED MT 166
if my German is correct-
The Medion PC MT5 MED MT 166 is factory equipped with 512MB of memory, 2 slots available.
Overall, the Medion PC MT5 MED MT 166 can be upgraded to a max of 2GB of RAM
click here

Memory is easy if you use the crucial scanner at ww.crucial.com

When you have screws out of rear of side panel, slide panel back approx 1/2 inch (it will be tight, mine is) then it will come loose and lift away.

Graphics card may be harder as Medions tend to use a special that incorporates the TV tuner

  mattoman 12:01 28 Jun 2009

thanks for your help, it was extremely useful!

ok I managed to get the side off and this is what i saw:

the motherboard is a 'Medion MD5000 ver 1.0.
2x RAM ports, both have one 256mb card in.
2x empty white ports that I'm guessing are PCI ports, both are empty.
1x blue port that is identical in shape to the whtie ports described above. This is occupied with something, I'm not sure what.
1x grey port occupied with Nvidia Geforce4 MX 420 graphics card. The port is a different shape to the other threee ports described.

So what I'm really asking is what graphics card should I buy as I've already been pointed in the right direction for RAM.
One quick last question, say I add 1GB of RAM and remove 256mb at the same time, if i started with 512mb would I end with 1256mb? And the same for graphics card, can I use the existing graphics card in conjunction with a new one?

Thanks for any help!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:34 28 Jun 2009

That motherboard is used in the following Medions - Titanium MD8000, Titanium MD8008, MD1110, MD1294, MD1453, MD1467, MD1511, MD1621, (MD1915?), Power Pro 2660

Which is yours?

On mine top port
long grey = graphics card X700
white = PCI empty
green = TV card
white = PCI empty

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  mattoman 12:50 28 Jun 2009

i haven't the foggiest to be honest, I can't find where it says that part.

Am I right in saying that any Nvidia Geforce graphics card would fit and work if i put it into the white PCI slot?

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