A few problems

  junayd 23:36 09 May 2006

Ive got a school project in and im designing a site. Im having a few problems with it at the moment and im just wondering if you can help me out at all.

1. Is there any kind of code to place on an image to make it a forward button.

2. Once youve started baseing your pages off a template, can you still alter those individual pages (ie the head> part not just an editable region). I have various popup windows and I cant get the code to make them come in different sizes because I cant change the code in the different pages as it is protected by the template.

3. What image file format would IE support for using an image with a clear background. For example, I use mozilla and it supports .png's but IE doesnt so it looks stupid when I run the site on IE.

Thanks for any help you can give me at all.


  junayd 23:38 09 May 2006

oh and if you want to view the site currently its on:

click here

advisable not to view it in IE though because it looks rubbish (the templates mess up, i dont know why) :(

  ade.h 17:44 10 May 2006

1) Yes, in a way. Just place a link on it to the page that you want your visitors forwarded to. (Helps at this point if you tell us what web authoring software you use).

2) Yes, usually, but see my previous comment applies here as well.

3) Only gif and png can provide clear backgrounds, so IE is stuck with gifs. Unfortunately, gifs are quite restrictive in colour depth, so can often be unsuitable depending on the nature of the image.

  ade.h 17:48 10 May 2006

I've had a look at your site, and would be happy to offer some constructive criticisms, but will only do so if you would like some feedback.

  junayd 18:42 10 May 2006

Yeh sure, it doesnt need to be fully working or anything, ive just got to sort out a lot of problems :(

  ade.h 20:29 10 May 2006

Here are some points that may help you. I appreciate that some of these issues are solely a result of work in progress and will (I hope) be fixed in due course.

Be careful with your page titles and page names. Your homepage should really be called index.html and the title should be meaningful, such as Seventh Avenue T-shirt Design.

The text on the homepage needs a rework for readability, and also for spelling and grammar. eg: "...bring you..." should be "...bringing you..."

T-shirt has a capital T.

Your navbar links should be further apart; it looks like a single sentence at first glance.

Your pictures go nowhere (work in progress, I assume, judging by your initial question).

The splash page is probably acceptable for the particular style and tone of your site, but is usually a bad technique. It also severly damages your early chances with search engine bots.

The "home", "forward" and "back" icons have only one link between them, and that's the homepage.

There is a lack of info about the stores, but again, I'll assume that you intend to work on that.

Hope that helps you to take the development a bit further. Some of our other members will probably have more to add.

  junayd 20:37 10 May 2006

yeh thanks, ill take a look at a few of those things, some of them I just havent finished yet. Also the site doesnt need to be anywhere near fully functioning ie.search bots and such just needs to show a general understanding of the program.

Tbh its a bit of a mish mash of me trying to solve problems and makign new ones etc. Ive got a weird mixture of CSS and tables and I think I need to sort that out if I want it to work properly in IE.

Im so confused...

  Forum Editor 23:16 11 May 2006

is to rethink your project.

In web design there's a golden rule for success:- 'Keep it simple'.

Lots of people make the mistake of thinking that a site which is bursting with clever technique, and has loads of bells and whistles will automatically have impact. Often the complete opposite is true, and in your case I think you're in danger of falling into the latter category. Your site is difficult to navigate, and isn't working properly, and why on earth do you have all those pop-up pages loading? You would lose your visitors within seconds if you launched the site as it is.

Please don't see my comments as a condemnation of your design skills, because that's not the intention. I like your graphics, and the overall style of the site is fine, but you need to radically rethink your presentation.

Keep it very simple, and ditch that 'Enter' page, it's totally unnecessary.

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