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  goonerbill 23:23 09 Jul 2004

it appears that a posting on the forum by me has been removed. it was to do with unlocking mobile's that are locked to a certain network and you wished to unlock the phone to take a sim card from another network. it was posted as many people will go to shops and pay £10/20 for this service, when there are ways of doing this for nothing.

as far as i know, the program that i put a link to cannot unlock a phone or simcard that has been locked by the mobile operators because it is stolen, nor would i post such details if i knew of such software or condone such activities.

i apologise if my posting appeared to condone such actions and broke any of the forums rules. we all know we like things for nothing and was only trying to be helpful to thoughs that would like to unlock there phones and have a choice of mobile operator rather than spend more money on another mobile just to change operators.

  james55 23:47 09 Jul 2004


FE might be busy, why not contact him direct I am sure he will try and be helpful


PS I am sure I have had a few things removed at some time, just don’t take it personal.

  goonerbill 23:50 09 Jul 2004

no, not taking it personal. these things happen. just saying that it was not to do with anything illigel : ))

  Forum Editor 23:57 09 Jul 2004

from what you wrote, and if that's the case I apologise.

Next time, why don't you contact me by using the link provided for the purpose? It's up there on the left, above the search panel.

  TBH1 00:58 10 Jul 2004

goonerbill - does this mean you can re-post it ??

  Djohn 01:12 10 Jul 2004

I will post one if FE doesn't mind. It is perfectly legal, the Air time providers will do it for you themselves at a cost of £20.00 or from any reputable high-street phone shop for £10-£20.00

The reputable sites on the internet will do it for free. They will not under any circumstances provide help for a phone that has been barred for any reason.

You type you make/model of phone into the dialogue box along with the EMI number. [The site will explain how to display your EMI number on the phone's display.] Hit the enter key and the unlock code comes up on screen.

You then need to turn off your phone, remove the SIM card, turn the phone back on and enter the code from the program. The message "Phone unlocked" or similar will appear on the display, then you can insert any SIM card you wish. j.

click here £4.99 and this one is free. click here

  Charence 01:12 10 Jul 2004

I suppose it would be more appropriate in the new "Speaker's Corner" forum.

  georgemac 08:01 10 Jul 2004

I have unlocked a few nokias for friends using the unlock calcualtor, and as you say this is perfectly legal. It only makes the phone able to work on any network.

It used to be possible to change the IMEI number on old phones using cables and software, which was and is illegal, and this is how many stolen handsets were returned to service. This number was stored on an EEPROM chip which could be erased and re-written.

New nokia phones (dct4) and others now make this impossible, as the IMEI number is now stored on a non-writable electronic chip in the phone. When you switch on your phone, this number is transmitted to the network, which compares the number against the "barred numbers" database, so any phone which is reported lost or stolen is barred from connecting to any of the UK networks.

Unfortunately, these stolen phones still work on other European or world networks, so the criminals can still sell them on abroad, and it is unfortunately not uncommon to see this being done on Ebay. I reported such an item once to Ebay, they were not interested in doing anything about it.

  georgemac 08:04 10 Jul 2004

all Pay as yo Go handsets will be supplied "locked" to the providing network, so have to be unlocked if you want to chage networks.

Orange and T-Mobile also lock their contract handsets, while O2 and Vodaphone supply their contract handsets unlocked. Not sure about 3 network.

  Cook2 13:00 10 Jul 2004

I can understand why Free, or cheap, contract phones are locked but I want to change from Orange PAYG to try another company. I can't find anywhere where I can get my Siemens A60 unlocked for free. (Sob).

  georgemac 13:11 10 Jul 2004

the xda thingy is or has a personal organiser and as it is manuafctured specifically for o2 may be locked to them for that reason. Certainly in the past "normal" handsets supplied by o2 on contract are unlocked

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