F.E.A.R PC Game is it free or does it cost?

  Internetwhizzkid 19:28 23 May 2007

I have just heared about the computer game fear. Now at the moment I am confused can anyone please tell me if it is free or not someone who I know says yes and another one says no.

I went to the following website and it says that yes it is free

click here

However is this the full game which I can either on my own or against people or is it some sort of expansion pack

Please let me know


  Technotiger 19:34 23 May 2007

Hi, this is an expansion pack, as you can see, it costs - so no doubt the Full game will most definitely cost too.

click here

  Internetwhizzkid 19:35 23 May 2007

so whats the its free busineess all about and you can get a free cd key?

Do i have to buy it for it to work?


  Technotiger 19:36 23 May 2007

and this is the game ...

click here

  Technotiger 19:39 23 May 2007

Sorry, I have no idea what the Free bit is in your link, though I would be surprised if it actually is the game. It might only be a key for playing free on-line - but I am only guessing, it is not my sort of game.

  jarvis10@btinternet.com 19:40 23 May 2007

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i pretty sure FEAR is not free

  Internetwhizzkid 19:40 23 May 2007

I would only be using it online but u have to have like the browser sort of thing installed that is what i was told.

  wolfie3000 19:41 23 May 2007

The game is indeed free but its only the online version,
There is no single player but you can play it online against others for as long as you want.

I heartly reccomend it and would suggest downloading it.

Its one of the best totally free games out there.

I on occasion play it myself so i might see you in there soon :P

  jarvis10@btinternet.com 19:41 23 May 2007

i think this is what you mean, not FEAR as i know it but free!
click here

  Totally-braindead 19:54 23 May 2007

It is as far as I know the same game FEAR that we all know and love, the difference is it plays online only. It is free but the single player games and not there.
I presume its the game developers that have released it free for online only.

  Internetwhizzkid 20:18 23 May 2007

ok thats all i needed and what i expected thanks

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