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  slowhand_1000 12:47 29 May 2003

Any feedback would be welcome on my site. The main reason being that friends and family are sometimes a wee bit frugal with the truth.

click here

Yes it is my own business and no I am not after free advertising. Right that is that out of the way lol (only joking).

I have used Dreamweaver MX and Hotmetal Pro, as some editing aspects I found easier in Hotmetal. If it's of any use to anyone thinking about starting a site. I found Hotmetal a very good program to start with, though limited in some fields. Once I had an idea of how things worked it was not to difficult to get to grips with Dreamweaver. Though I do feel a quick browse through a simple HTML manual would help a lot.

Well done to PCA for including a forum on Web Design,I am sure there will be plenty of postings in this new forum.

And to anyone thinking of starting a site, go on have a go. There are plenty of good sites giving help and guidelines out there, plus this new forum.



  texasdave 12:51 29 May 2003

I like your design, very nice. I also use Dreamweaver MX, its amazing, makes life so much easier compared to notepad. Then for graphics i use Fireworks MX. But anyway, the only thing i would maybe like see changing is to move the side bar with the navigation up maybe a bit more, so that it almost touches the blue bar at the top. Just a suggestion. Nice job!


  slowhand_1000 15:15 30 May 2003


yes see what you mean, so I have moved the nav bar up a touch. It does not look so lost now.


  Forum Editor 20:12 30 May 2003

site. Well done slowhand_1000, I can see that you've worked hard to produce this.

You asked for feedback, so here it is:

1. I was amazed that a print company didn't have a single image on the site - apart from the top banner. A few well-chosen, high-quality images would transform this site from a good one to a very good one.

2. Your home page is untitled. This means that a browser returns it as an "Untitled document", which doesn't look good when your visitor has several IE windows open. If I look down at my taskbar I see a list of 5 Internet Explorer windows. All of them have names, except yours.

3. The site has quite a few typos and slightly clumsy sentence constructions. It needs editing for readability. I'll do it for you if you like - there's not a great deal of text; let me know if you would like me to edit it for you.

  SafeHaven 23:14 30 May 2003

I am on adsl however i'll take into concideration traffic but It seems a litle slow to laod also when I went to close it froze for about 30 seconds. Also did't get any sound but 8/10 I have seen much worse.

  User-312386 14:05 31 May 2003

the navigation bars are a bit low, when you click on Print and it expands, i feel that i have to look down a little lower to see if there is anything there.

Apart from that Great site

  slowhand_1000 18:56 31 May 2003

Thanks for the pointers and advice everyone.


1. Having not long set up the business on my own money was a tad tight. I am in the process of gathering some royalty free images to put on the site.

2. Oops, see how the simple things are missed. I know I had page titles on the original site, but after many versions I seem to of ommited the titles. Amended pages now uploaded.

3. Copywriting has never been my strong point, so any suggestions are more than welcome. In fact I found that part of the project the hardest part, harder than learning DreamWeaver.


I just hope it was traffic. I am on b/band and after clearing the cache it loaded in about 5 seconds. That was one of the main reasons I have tried to keep it free from 'flashy' bits and pieces.


I have moved the nav bar up a little bit as texasdave had also picked up on it. Maybe it needs to be moved up a bit more. But I was trying to keep it lined up at the top with the text section.

Once again many thanks to all for the input. I must admit I was a wee bit wary of asking for members opinions, but I thought I would bite the bullit. The replies as usual from this forum have been great, good constructive pointers and advice.


  Forum Editor 23:59 31 May 2003

I've edited the site text for you. I hope it's of some help.

  slowhand_1000 13:01 01 Jun 2003


Mail gratefully received. I should have gone to a professional in the first place :-)

Reply in the post, along with the commission lol.

Thanks again


  Forum Editor 13:33 01 Jun 2003

I hope the site succeeds for you.

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