Feedback from screen before mobile rings & during

  Rosal 12:06 21 Apr 2005

Anyone help with how i can stop my computer screen making a noise before my phone rings and then during call. My screen is an NEC MultiSync LCD1860NX and my phone is a Nokia. Any 'feedback' greatly appreciated to stop the annoying 'hum' as I need to be one the phone whilst at the computer.


  Pooke100 12:23 21 Apr 2005

The screen, as all home electricals are, is designed to accept ANY interference that is within proximity to the device.

All I suggest, if you can't move away, is move the phone away and use a handsfree kit. That way the interference if any will be minimal.


  stlucia 12:38 21 Apr 2005

'Hum' suggests mains-frequency interference. Is your mobile phone sitting in a charging cradle near your screen?

  Taff36 23:20 21 Apr 2005

Don`t think it makes any difference. My screen (& speakers) go before the mobile even vibrates never mind rings! If the mobile is within a metre of the computer, on charge or even with the bluetooth on it makes no difference.

  Hairy Yeti 23:45 21 Apr 2005

I have seen PCs crash because of mobiles in close proximity. Follow Pooke100's advise and use a bluetooth. Keep the phone in the next room. IT suites dont just ban mobiles because of network interference.

  Rosal 00:37 22 Apr 2005

Thanks everyone.

I am using a handsfree kit on bluetooth. My mobile is not sitting in a charging cradle. If I move the phone more than a metre away I cannot see who is calling before I answer. There must be some sort of solution?

  wiz-king 05:52 22 Apr 2005

I you will use a radio transmitter near a computer the you must expect trouble. Your mobile phone is transmitting a signal to the base station all the time it is switched on. Yes, even on receive, it connects every so often. Bluetooth is also a wireless system and also transmits a signal.

When your phone recives an 'are you switched on' signal from the base station it sends its identity check signal back. This is what you hear as interferance before your phone rings. The radio signal is picked up by any length of unshielded wire in the computer system and converted to audio by and /all of the diodes in the computer. You can try to suppress the signal by the use of ferrite rings or beads on all of the exposed wires - speaker wires are very prone to interferance pickup. If you have an LCD screen try useing a conductive screen filter. See click here Hope this helps.

  octal 07:02 22 Apr 2005

wiz-king is near enough, its Radio Frequency Interference, RFI for short, which is being picked up by the speakers in the screen, move the phone further away from the screen.

  octal 07:12 22 Apr 2005

Sorry, I meant to add, I know you can't see the phone when you move it away, but RFI is not easy to cure you can add all the RFI protection and it still won't cure it, radio frequency is odd stuff with a mind of its own, especially at the frequencies of mobile phones were the wavelength is very short so every bit of wire which is only a few inches long acts as an aerial.

  g0slp 07:24 22 Apr 2005

Sorry, I'm afraid that I have to concur with wiz-king & octal's comments. This is a very difficult problem to resolve, if at all.

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