Feedback Please

  scoops 19:55 17 Sep 2005

I have recently designed and built this site.

I'm just asking for a bit of feedback.

Is the design good?

What other features would you like to see, especially regards to the content of the site - i.e. a days out page etc.

And of course, the things you don't like

click here

many thanks

  Revi 20:25 17 Sep 2005

I like it. What software have you used to produce the slide show with such wonderful effect?

  scoops 20:57 17 Sep 2005

Thanks. The site has been produced in Dreamweaver with the 'animation' type effects being built in Flash.

  Bebee 21:54 17 Sep 2005

I like it. As a consumer I would find it a useful and attractive site. Professional looking and straightforward to navigate. I'll bookmark it for next time I'm heading that way!

  phil 22:12 17 Sep 2005

Very nice. Being local (Kidderminster) it's good to see a decent B'ham website but...

There doesn't seem much content for such a big city with only three or four bars mentioned for example.

Under the shopping section you have Tamworth?? Tamworth is not in Birmingham. If Tamworth has to be there why not other local towns?

Lastly one slight criticsm about your slideshow on the home page. Any chance of making each pic fade out rather than abruptly ending, leaving me with coffee all over the keyboard.

Nice site though. Looks promising.

  scoops 22:36 17 Sep 2005


point noted about tamworth.

I also agree with the 'lack' of content - just taking abit of time to write places up, but working on it.

  Bebee 00:05 18 Sep 2005

I assumed content would develop, but out of interest is it something you have built for someone else or is it a personal venture?

  mco 00:41 18 Sep 2005

I like it too being an old Birmingham ex-pat; interested to see the photos -but, at the same time being an old pedant, could you change the 'its your Birmingham' to 'it's your Birmingham'? Some people notice these things and it colours their otherwise positive views.

  Forum Editor 01:06 18 Sep 2005

on your site, and with a lot more work (and content) it should build into a useful resource, but.........
I have a few comments.

1. Check your spelling and grammar very carefully, there are lots of typos and grammatical errors in the text, and these lend the site an unprofessional look.'Larger' is wrong for the drink - it should be 'Lager' for instance. There are errors in your 'facts about Birmingham' Flash file as well - 'porbably' should be 'probably' and "there is over 8000 acres of parkland in the city" should read "there are over ...etc."

2. The site lacks a cohesive look - you've used a text and photo style for the bar page and then changed to a drop-down menu for restaurants. On the shopping page there's a coloured table, which seems completely unrelated to the site in terms of style.

3. If you're going to have RSS feeds make sure they work.

4. On the sports page the Birmingham FA link doesn't work.

5. Your forum needs a link back to the main site - having to click a browser back button is unacceptable.

6. Your photo gallery viewer is badly aligned - it needs to be further up the page. Put the text across the top of it if necessary.

7. Your navigation is inconsistent - on some pages there's a forum link, whilst on others you use the word 'community' for the same link - stick with 'forum', it's more appropriate.

8. Your home page lacks information - it's not sufficient to have a slide show running, you need to explain to casual visitors what kind of site they're on. It would be better to forget the slide show, and substitute one very good image and some text which explains the purpose of the site. People who bookmark you will soon tire of seeing the slide effect each time they want to use the site's resources.

  scoops 15:52 18 Sep 2005


This is just a site iv'e built for my self. I have only just moved to birmingham and thought that building this site would be a good way of getting to know the place.

I wanted to try and learn a bit of web design and thought that it would make for good content. JUst need to develop it a bit more.

  ade.h 16:23 18 Sep 2005

I agree with all the FE's comments, bar the one about the flash slideshow. It's too attractive to lose, isn't particularly intrusive, and flashblock gives viewers a choice anyway.

Overall, it's an inspiring piece of design work for those of us who are still quite new to webdesign. Kudos to you!

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